Dynamic Team Singapore : Day1

Alhamdulillah, thank God i safely arrived at KL sentral on saturday morning, 070608. here let me tell you about our wonderful journey at singapore.

Dynamic Team Singapore. It was a team in Usrah Instutition of Multimedia University, Cyberjaya documenting Jamiyah Singapore contribution towards community in Singapore. It was a part of continuation relationship between Usrah Institution and Jamiyah Singapore. Last year we have Al-Quran for PSP being promoted at Jamiyah’s “One World Many Culture” exhibition at Singapore Expo. So in this trip, we’ve visited three of Jamiyah premises, namely Darul Ma’wa ( house for the kids ), Darul Islah, ( Halfway home ), and Darul Takrim ( Home for the aged ).

so let me start with day 1, the day we set off, the nights on train, and the day we arrive and visit the first house, Darul Ma’wa.


So we depart from MMU at 1800. there are 19 of us. Using train to singapore. pretty pain at my back. this is the second time using train for long distance trip. the first time was with Umar Aizat, Bam, from taiping to KL. i can’t sleep at the chair so i went to the ‘buffet coach’ with syed n edry and spending time sleeping there. the ktm officer told me there train speeding at 120km/j from seremban to singapore. pretty fast and thrilling. the funny thing that night is, when some of my friend decide to go to the buffet coach, they were celebrated by the group of indians but by the time me, edry and syed going there, they were sleeping already. must be tired eh.


abang kool, izuan inside the coach full of indians. maybe they’re travelling. but such a huge crowd. hoho


the train took absolute 12 hours from kl sentral to tanjong pagar, singapore. from 9 pm (1 june ) to 9pm (2june), monday. upon our arrival at tanjong pagar, Lissa, Jamiyah’s Officer already there waiting for us. after having a simple breakfast, we’re heading to Darul Takrim to drop the girl’s luggage and Telok Kurau to the boys banglo. it’s a 3 level house. Then after taking bath, we’re heading to Jamiyah HQ at Geylang for lunch, opening ceremony, briefing and small ‘kudapan’ . well that’s a lot of food 😛 ate a nasik ayam for lunch.


at the opening ceremony, we’ve met with Mr Hosni, Mr Hasbi, Mr Mohd Nor, and the president of Jamiyah Singapore, Mr Abu Bakar. It was great to meet a great person who turns 5$ into 25$ in asset. after that, we have a briefing and small kudapan. then we’re heading to Darul Ma’wa, Jamiyah’s Children Home.


dsc_07962.jpgDarul Ma’wa provide residential and rehabilitative programmes for orphans and children from disadvantaged families. The superintendant, Mr Sophian Kayat (pic above) said that this house shelters about 50++ boys and 30++ girls at the moment ranging from pre-schoolers to belasan tahun. We’ve did our Maghrib prayer together. we’ve conducted IT classes just for 2 hours and small activities at night to entertain them like ‘Pisang Goreng, Bantal Busuk’. I’ve managed to met some of the kids that i’ve already met during last year exhibition, where they performing angklung, kompang and also asking for donations to them.Then i met this girl, walking aimlessly and innocently, alone. She was so cute. My heart was crying but this eye wont. crying for the pain and memories that she carries. she still a child. very young.

as for their facilities, they have dining hall, playground, library, music room, medium-size prayer room and a sponsored computer library. It was great to see some of the Darul Ma’wa resident’s achievements. They nurture the talents of the kids. some of them like the young pianist, there’s an alumni of the house that become a deejay at singapore. a, a, a, a, there’s indeed a lot so here’s a picture to sum all of the ‘a’.


around 10, we’re heading home at telok Kurau and this line close the reports for the first day.

Jun 2008

4 Responses to : Dynamic Team Singapore : Day1

  1. syia says:

    menarik :) eh awk.. awk jln2 dlm train ke mase train gerak? x pening

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    jalan2 selambe je tak pening pun.. mcm kat jambatan gantung.. :p

  3. istanagal says:

    tekong aset jamiyah $25 million da…bkn $25…hehe

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    eh haah sori.. 25 JUTA! waw

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