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okay as you can see from the previous post, it’s like a one week without any updates then an advertorial. can’t deny i’m a bit busy and when i’m writing things to blog, i lost 2-3 hours for ideation, crapping, finding the sources and so many things that you can gave as a reason. so i shall put my recentĀ² updates.

  1. Flavert Media Lab was listed in CSSMania, CSS Vault, and Webdesign-is-Art for the standards we’re practising. Credits to Faiz Gurun for the graphics and Sabau for the webbies.
  2. We’ve also have tonnes of updates last week at the media lab.
  3. I’ve attend the digital media format exhibition but still can’t find time to update it. later perhaps
  4. last sunday, I’ve went to my classmate house. His sister’s wedding ceremony. then went to empangan semenyih on the way back. lotsa photos, but later perhaps.
  5. last monday, went to teras one solution at bangsar attending a sponsored Adobe Photoshop CS3 classes. Learn something new. clicky here.
  6. and now,for the corporate logo animation that i’m currently working with, it’s been a tedious job because for 30 seconds, Freya have to take 1 hour and 30 minutes.. and i have two clips so that makes it 3 hour…


back to work

May 2008

2 Responses to : shorta updata

  1. syia says:

    waaa..bznye awk :) jg kesihatan

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    timaseh timaseh. syia pun same gak.

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