When Spartans use YM’s

Ever wonder how the spartans use ym’s? well here it is.. after the PICCAAA!!!!.

Saiful Nang and Che Mat in Kosmo newsPEPPAAA

Chat between me and my classmate,

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:50:26 PM): eh

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:50:30 PM): happy belated birthday

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:50:31 PM):

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:50:43 PM): noooo

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:50:47 PM): late wishes

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:51:00 PM): you owe me BREAKFASTAAAAA

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:51:11 PM): OHOHOHO LIKE THAT KAAAAAAA

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:51:17 PM): ya LAAAAAAA

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:51:25 PM): go get a macdonald BREAKFASTAAAAAA on me

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:51:36 PM): ahahaHAAAAAAA

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:51:39 PM): mega MAC LAAAAA

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:51:42 PM): later onli claim

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:51:50 PM): ahaha

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:51:52 PM): hows owrk ?

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:51:54 PM): *work

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:51:56 PM): /swt

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:52:04 PM): it SAKSAAAAAAAAA

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:52:13 PM): why AAAAAAAAAA?

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:52:34 PM): coz im not doing [—-her interest——–] stuffAAAAA

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:52:53 PM): [—– her current job—–] is SEKSAAAAAAA

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:53:39 PM): tak mintak reposition KAAA?

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:54:12 PM): sedang mintak transfer tapi LAMBATLAAAAAAAAA

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:54:18 PM): haiyAAAAAA

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:54:30 PM): lol as usual the HR liddat wanLAAAAAA

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:54:50 PM): u know we arent really screaming out loud but my throat aches just looking at this convo

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:55:11 PM): looking at this convo?

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:55:12 PM): ooo

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:55:14 PM): converrr

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:55:16 PM):

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:55:21 PM): i shall put this on blog

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:55:26 PM): omg

momochi_zabuza (20.May.08 10:55:30 PM): i laugh for real lor

realm163 H (20.May.08 10:55:42 PM): my throat really virtual ache


realm163 H: che mat masuk kosmo AAAAA
momochi_zabuza: ya LAAA
realm163 H: i must get this month issue then WAAAA
momochi_zabuza: wat this month issue
momochi_zabuza: today LAAA
momochi_zabuza: go mart LAAA
realm163 H: eh i sot
momochi_zabuza: buy news PEPAAAA
realm163 H: i thought is magazine
realm163 H: newsPEPAAAAAAA
realm163 H: over d AAAAA
realm163 H: no online version KAAAAA
momochi_zabuza: got LAAA
momochi_zabuza: u din AASKAAAA
momochi_zabuza: http://www.kosmo.com.my/kosmo/content.asp?y=2008&dt=0520&pub=Kosmo&sec=Akademi&pg=ak_04.htm
realm163 H: u know if we’re spartans we wont be talking abt these stuff tho
realm163 H: more like, my sword is rusted AAAAAA
momochi_zabuza: well since u a girl.. so it”s kinda LOGIKLAAAA
realm163 H: wah che mat pakai speks AAAAA
momochi_zabuza: maybe sudah rabun LAAAA
realm163 H: che mat mana pernah bagi NOTAAAAAAAA
momochi_zabuza: adaLAAA…. you tak salin LAA
realm163 H: dah luPAAAAA
momochi_zabuza: you tak praktis MAAA
momochi_zabuza: keep it simple stupid LAAA
realm163 H: oh itu takyah salin LAAAA
realm163 H: imprinted in MINDAAAAAAA
momochi_zabuza: wahahhahaha dats a good one

——— okay i shall end pasting our conversation because we do live at sparta ———-

aha about that PICCAA, it’s a story about a very famous + skillful photographer, saiful nang and the passion of Che Mad in teaching his students. talk about che mad, he throw away those rejected artworks, peel off those with the improper paste, and even scribble on the photos that we take, and throw painful comments. But the results, a skillful student.
Hail to Che Mad. and i know it’s a bit late, thanks to all teachers in my life. ya teachers day’s been a week away already, but i want to share a video from my friend status.
Hapuskan Pendidikan Berorientasi Peperiksaan

and thanks to Dr M. a.k.a Che Det to make my 23rd birthday a historic event. A 000-0001 and 0002 (Tun SIti Hasmah) member of UMNO quits UMNO.

Oh well. Thanks Che Det for my 23rd birthday present surprise. Last time u gave me duit raya when i was 8. and your wife even took a picture with me and my family at Kuala Lumpur Railway Station when i was 4-5 years old and during my convocation last year. Furthermore, this Che Det resignation is marked on Wikipedia. The previous person who gave me big surprise is George Lucas, for Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith been aired on 19 May 2005.

Well i shall sleep now before I bullcrap a lot.

May 2008

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  1. catzer says:

    argh..dah tua…layankan jerk..kakakaka

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    haha catzer dah tua.. bila nak kahwin?

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