HELP!: Donate for Cyclone Nargis Crisis

I receive this email earlier from Muhammad from Muslim Aid Asia, one of our client. Below are his email



Good day my friends.

Muslim Aid proposes to send a rapid respones team to Myanmar drawn
from the most highly trained individuals from Muslim Aid's field
offices and our partner Global Medic. This team will bring specialist
emergency equipment including a mobile hospital and medicine,
providing 50 000 people with medical care and water purifcation
tablets and machines which will provide over 100,000 people with safe
drinking water every day.

Muslim Aid need your help to raise $2 million worth of funds to help
the thousands of surviors left homeless by the disaster. $200,000 has
already been allocated. We will be working with our partners Global
Medic providing clean water, medicine and emergency healthcare.

To donate, do contact us at 03-2288 1996 to set an appointment. You
may also send cheque or postal order made payable to Muslim Aid Asia to:

Muslim Aid Asia
8-1-2 Mutiara Bangsar, Jalan Liku,
Kuala Lumpur.

You may also donate to Muslim Aid Asia account; EON Bank,
0518-11-000311-5 (Muslim Aid Asia)

You can refer to our Cyclone Nargis Emergency Officer; Muhammad, Amir
or Ilham.

You may refer to the updates regarding the Cyclone Nargis through our website

and my blog regarding the Muslim Aid Asia activities

We hope we will together help to ease the pain of the poor victims in Myanmar.

Thank you,


Muhammad bin Kamarulazizi
Fundraising and Marketing
Muslim Aid Asia
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2282 1996
Fax: +603-2288 1966


Muslim Aid are now on the ground providing clean water, medicine and
other emergency aid such as food and utensils. With your kindness, we
have already helped over 250 families since our arrival last Saturday
10th May.

Muslim Aid is working with UNICEF to coordiante the WASH partnership
(Water, Sanitiation and Hygiene) in Yangon.

We have 13 boxes of Aqutabs. Each box has a 5,000 litre capacity which
means the treatment of 65,000 litres of water.

1.5 million aqua tabs along with 9 trekker water purification systems
have been dispatched from Bangkok. This has been achieved with the
help of our partner ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency).
The aqua tabs will provide 50,000 people with clean water for one week
and each purifcation system can provide 70,000 people with clean
drinking water everyday as long as there is water available.

We are currently providing food in Yangon through the C.M.R.F (Cholia
Muslim Religious Fund) Trust, and we will also be distributing non
food items such as utensils and mosquito nets.

3,000 people have already been helped and with arrival of new
equipment, we will be able to help many more .

We are in continuous contact with our team on the ground,
international NGOs and local parters.

Clean water, food shortages and outbreaks of cholera, malaria are of
the greatest concern.


So to my visitors, readers, bloghoppers and stalkers, please donate some of your money to them. Pretty please.

URGENT: Muhammad will be going to Myanmar tomorrow. This evening he will buying a lot of Oral Rehydration Salt(ORS). For RM30 he can buy a box of ORS and it contains 50 sachet of ORS. So within this one hour before 6PM, you may want to donate RM30 for a box of ORS to his account. here the details :

  • Muhammad Bin Kamarulazizi
  • Maybank Account Number : 157054038251
  • Email proof send to :
  • and please send sms to notify him :0123377195

After 6PM, don’t donate to his account to prevent mistakes. instead, donate to Muslim Aid Asia Account. = Eon Bank. details bolded above.

Spread the news!

P/S: if you don’t have maybank and use CIMB, you can donate by transfer to my cimb and i made the transfer to his maybank :)

P P/S:RM30 is a small money. seriously :) a money worth 3-6 days for food. but that money will be use to save people’s life.

May 2008

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