i wish i become more careful… haih

Previously i’ve wrote about Adobe Education Leadership Forum. here goes the article at the company blog.

on this announcement go to any game developers who’re stalking my blog.. here goes..


Hi all,

Apologies for announcing the next IGDA Informal Meet really late, but we needed to get a lot of confirmations done for this one.

Confirmation one: We’re using a room in the MSC Malaysia Cybercenter in KL Sentral. It will be until 9pm, but that means it’s a room without distractions and fighting for seats.

Confirmation two: We have two speakers. One is Hazmer of EasyOnly! Games, who has created two award-winning entries for the JayIsGames Casual Gameplay Design Competition. Two is Buzz, one of the MSC Games Pitch winners.

The room booking is from 745pm to 9pm, so the talks will start at 8pm. They have 1/2 an hour each. After 9pm, we adjourn and head out for drinks for anyone interested in continuing discussions.

Event: IGDA Malaysia Informal Meet April 2008
Time : 7.45pm – 9pm only.
Date: 25th April 2008 (Friday)
Venue: Conference Room (Meeting Room 3), MSC Malaysia Cybercentre @ KL Sentral Incubation Centre – 1B-3-1, (Block 1B, Level 3, Plaza Sentral)


i’ll be there so see you when i see you 😀

Apr 2008

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