Congratulations Project 57 !!

Yesterday i went to KL Convention Center attending Astro NextGen Contentpreneur Award. Refa ask me to be their photographer… They won 2 award, Most Amazing Visual Effects n Imcomparable Animation.. WOOOOhooooooo


rosh,refa,fasya, ngan anuar yg pakai jaket aku..

congrats to them. 2 awards PWNED!

this is their full composite published movie.

and this is their making of. 

congrats again!

Apr 2008
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12 Responses to : Congratulations Project 57 !!

  1. refa says:

    thanx tekong =)

  2. ehsanazhar says:

    congrats :)

  3. watdecrap says:

    thanx for the support tekong..

  4. evilectronic says:

    cayalah otai2 vfx sumer…erm..award for best extras dlm train xde? :p

  5. sarakay says:


  6. faiz says:

    Caya aaa….congrats :) untuk refa, rosh, fasha dan anuar. memang otai vfx

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    refa & fasya – teruskan usaha hebats andaa wooohoo….

    evilectronic.. tu tanye derang aa 😛

  8. ikram_zidane says:

    is this the terminator movie ?

  9. Tim says:

    Even a retard knows it is not a terminator movie. Hey how long you haven’t come out from your momma’s womb?

  10. Fahmishah says:

    dulu ingat nak masuk…tapi..apakan daya

  11. ikhwan nazri says:

    ler apsal tak masuk.. tak yakin la tu.. patut masuk je.. taun depan mesti competition lagi sengit so ko kena hasilkan karya yg terbaikkkk.. masuk la webdesign.. akaka

  12. Mr. Godam says:

    mana kau mana kau. ohhh tu pun jaket kau. oh sabas dude

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