Meet Piper, and the whole thing about PSP Official Gathering

had a very fun time during PSP Deep Red Official Launch Carnival at Cineleisure damansara. It was my first time joining game competition. lookie lookie what i get


Meet Piper, PSP Slim and lite, sexier than Phoebe. plus the Chinese New Year limited edition PSP pouch from Sony.

i manage to become one of top scorer for Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, All Round Category, but unlucky me, fumble during Individual Category for the same game. but fellow from playstation board//forum lowyat and ( formerly known as ) manage to win. win big.

  • edv = 3rd place, All Round Champion
  • Sh1mx = Winner, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
  • Cyphereza = Winner, Juiced 2.

Congratulations to them. wohooo.


MGSPO: individual genre participants. ( that girl is modeling for MGSPO. weird thing that she use kevlar with SWAT written on her back. LOL. since when MGSPO have swat ?)


LYN PlayStation board + ( a.k.a ) members


again, plus with the winning prize. proud to be their members,

I’ve also met Amir for Muslim Aid Asia(MAA) (meet him last time with his colleague, Muhammad ), Sharmilla Devi, my class mate in Digital Media, another one specky girl classmate of Digital Media ( don’t even know her name -__-!!), and also Josh Lim and Daniel Tan that is, perhaps busy for Advertlets event, Ah Long PTE Ltd screening today.

One thing that i realize is it seems that the management didnt really aware of this gaming thing. What i mean is like Winning Eleven category, in the individual category, they count the score as which one have the most goals during preliminary. as far as i know, only after quarter final stage, they impose a man vs man. for competition of 2 sides, they should do player vs player like tekken. it can quickly eliminate players and also, save time. they even said that winning eleven playtime is only 3 minutes, which is originally, the minimum time for winning eleven is 5 minutes. well maybe the person who brief to us was unaware of this.

on the first day, they delay the briefing for one hour. it mess up the whole day plus rain. but kudos and respect for the second day, the whole event went smoothly. no delays. that’s why every multiple-day event will do a post-mortem before the next day, to analyze the mistakes and prevent them from happening again.


( Czero, redbull and mfa333, playing juiced )

another one thing i realize is that their promoter,i think they’re a passive promoter. just giving flyers. but cant blame them because the area is overcrowded. they can’t actively promote. they can promote a lot of things like Skype, PSP GPS ( it’s Global Positioning System, in english for non geek ), and also, chotto shot. the music on that day should be more focused to the gameplay. hearing the game sound would attract more visitor and make the area extremely overcrowded ROFL.

nonetheless, this is the first time ( is it? ) sony organizing a game competition.  but i think they’re doing a great job in exposing gaming to the community. with lotsa of goodies to the gamers especially. Thumbs up Sony!

now, i just want Prue, for PS3 😛

Mar 2008

9 Responses to : Meet Piper, and the whole thing about PSP Official Gathering

  1. Firdaus says:

    Best la kau, dapat PSP baru! 😀

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    firdaus – skang ni nak kena cekau duit.. nak beli lcd protector ngan casing dia… haih

    fahmishah – ah tadek. lainla kalau kakak ko nak ahahaha

  3. Faiz says:

    taniah tekong…psp slim siot….tag line sony tuhh sungguh hebat “r u original” 😉

  4. liyananaznim says:

    wahh congrats2. gempak laaa… another family member!

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    hehe timaseh timasehh.. prue je lom ade gaga

  6. senn says:

    grats on getting piper! XD

    and gdluck on getting prue of course.. lols

  7. Fahmishah says:

    wei..akak aku nak

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    senn – grats… but i din hv money for prue.. ming me to give me some penny???

    fahmishah – kakak ko nak aku kita setel.. (gelak comel hehe)

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