of the SPM results and PSP Parteh!

Not my spm. my 2nd younger brother, Faidhi, got 5A 4B 1C. and C for chemistry. but nonetheless.. 5 A better than me, 4A.. agagaga. Congratulations. Open table yeahuuu.

And this saturday and sunday, for the first time ever in malaysia, a PSP Official Party by SONY. It will be held at Cineleisure Damansara. there will be cosplay competition and also, of course, PSP multiplayer match. The games on sunday are

  1. Metal Gear Solid : Portable Ops
  2. Winning Eleven
  3. Juiced 2
  4. Tekken

So see you there. i’ll be there wearing The Raise T-Shirt. Oh yes, please buy The Raise T-Shirt. With every purchase of The Raise T-Shirt, you’ll be promoting the project and also your money will goes to the development on the project. So come support us. This saturday and sunday i’m also selling the shirt so just tell me earlier so i can bring it.

See you there.

I’ve updated the company blog with a cool sunrise timelapse. watch it ya.

Mar 2008

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