How to get a MacBookPro free?

How to get this baby, this macbookpro for free??

I never imagine that it was so easy to get it for free.. seriously, easy..


just marry a girl named Aisha, a muslim turkish-german girl.

Ayat-ayat cinta the movie fever mode. that picture is a screencap when fahri comeback and aisha bought him a mac book pro. lovely.

still 2 month before my birthday.. any aisha with a macbookpro for me?.. oh please 😛

Mar 2008

9 Responses to : How to get a MacBookPro free?

  1. Firdaus says:

    Ko ni kemaruk nak Mac Book Pro ke nak kahwin? 😛

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    kemaruk dedua leh?? ahahhaha

  3. Fahmishah says:

    takbir! hahaha eh! silap komen

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    ko tengah high ape?

  5. diana says:

    cis aku tertipo! kalau aku takkan nak kawin dgn aisha gak. Lesbian namanyer, Patut letak tittle ” macbook free untuk lelaki saja ” dem mati2 aku ingat contest ke apa. =.=

  6. Firdaus says:

    ampeh ko…nasib baik aku dah tengok dan tgh kemaruk cite AAC ni…aku maafkan akan kenyataan ko nih…ampeh…aku pun tgh mimpi pakai MacBookPro nih…takkan nak pakai G5 je selama²nya…huhu

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahahahhahaha.. kemaruk beb kemarukkk

  8. Sad100 says:

    Always wondered about how to answer than question about a manhole cover. ,

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