Sabau won 500 USD for Orang Bunian, Flash Lite game in Playyoo Competition. Thanks to Allia for her artworks and character design. This is very remarkable.

there’s too many pictures inside this post. so click more.

Today Nirpad just got married. Me and sabau become witness today at JPN Putrajaya. Then they took pictures whereas i’m the mr cameraman. Wishing you and your wife live a happy life ahead.


Congratulations to Faidhi for becoming 18 yesterday, 3rd march. haha this 12 march is the SPM result so please pray for his excellent result. and happy belated 23rd birthday to jemang and fatimah telur who share the same date, 3rd march.


(the lovely cheeze choc. this is not a sponsored advert)

Hafreze just won IHL Business Plan Competition. dia tak announce lagi kat blog dia tu.. ahaha.

And here below is one of my favorite picture taken during Karnival Keluarga Bahagia, Usrah Institution of MMU Melaka. Clicking the picture will lead you to my fotopages.


And next week is a surprise. jeng jeng jeng.

Mar 2008

6 Responses to : Congratulations!

  1. akira says:

    congrat utk sabau

  2. Firdaus says:

    Tahniah buat Sabau!

  3. waniee says:

    omg! what a great news!

    congrats sabau! twas an awesome game indeed! congrats again!

  4. Congrats and thanks for the game!

  5. realm says:

    Wow congratz Sabau! XD and..and OMG NIRPAD GOT MARRIED?? CONGRATZ TO HIM TOO!!!

    I…feel so old lolz

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