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oh today is 29 February. another interesting date. once in 4 years. the next is in 2012. those who born today, wishing you a happy birthday x4 😛 The earth actually orbit the system not in 365 days, but 365 1/4 days. strange.


this week have been a good week. meeting with 2 companies. and also I’ve been doing much promotion for my media lab. Last time we come up with 1st portfolio showcase, now we have a Lab Report a.ka portfolio in a cd. Next week, there will be 2 meetings and our Chief Technical Officer, sabau will be interviewed by one of the big players in Flash Lite Community around the world. Alhamdulillah Thank God.

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Fulltime freelancer is a person who do freelance job on fulltime basis. it doesnt mean that they didnt have a job, but it’s they do their job of what their best at. today marks the 6 month i become a fulltime freelancer from september 2007.  Before that i was just a part-time freelancer swapping jobs with studies for at least 3 years. Recently in forum, a fellow forumer, clivengu, asking about life becoming fulltime freelance. Well here i share with you what i wrote.

//— this is the same post inside, Art n Design board.

ya im now a fulltime freelance in

Project Manager.
Flash Interactives, Motion, Application, Mobile Content, Animation, courseware.
Website Design, Web development.

About life. ya life now is interesting. Indeed very interesting. You do what you love and furthermore there’s no time constraint in your life. But if there’s no discipline in life also it would be a terrible mess tongue.gif The earning in depends on how you view it. you become freelance so that you can choose what you want to do. if the payment small and not worth your time so leave it. don’t do job that is cheap and time consuming. because other offer might will just come. (or not.. that you have to think ). however i always let myself open a bit. if that project is seem beneficial for the long run, maybe take it. depends. if let say have a family behind and we have to give them food and shelter, this thing come first.

But bare in mind, if you think that freelance is to work 24/7,canceling a date with your girlfriend, missing reunion with your family, you better work at any company. you get a monthly salary. work from 9-5, can get cozy and perfect sleep at night and spend time with the one you love.It saves a lot of hassle over piling jobs over the desk. Me myself set the rule for me that i only work during office hour. If only necessary chasing the deadline than i have to stay up but i try to make that not a habit. Prospect and social. I don’t think i have any problem with it. well about prospect, have to always keep promoting and updating ourselves with new technologies, job offerings and so on so we’ll never leave behind. and about social, it’s one of the important part because when people don’t know you it’s hard to get any job offerings. I join networking session, designer/programmer gathering, PSP gathering and also enjoying myself involving in voluntary activities. sometimes we just need to turn off the computer and doing something humane.

I believe even freelance animator ( that always viewed like a living zombie doing job 24/7) can enjoy this kind of life, as long as we have discipline. that is to complete project in time. The urge to finish the project in time and to have free time doing what we love. [ in addition, unfortunately not in malaysia. the animator have to know all those sort of things. rendering, storyboarding. that’s how redundant the work here. the person who complete the job, have to complete other person job. it’s okay if it still in the same league. but what can you expect from a art director to do programming/rendering?? its not happen only in multimedia field, but also other fields. – this one i just add ]

but one thing, im not very sure how are the others. people view me like i don’t have a job. they define job as working in a company, in a office, with a schedule. how about other fulltime freelancers? are you facing the same situation like me?

One thing that should bare in freelancer mind. you have to manage yourself. because you dont have EPF/SOCSO for your old days so have to save a lot. there may be a situation where there’s no job for one month. so have to prepare the money. there maybe when the deposit money for the proposed project is not enough so you may had to use a bit of your money before hand. as the above stated, you have to manage yourself all the time. either search for client or prepare an umbrella for the rain that is coming.

All i can say, freelancing is not a cool and safe thing to do, if you didnt get prepared. If you have the skill, self-management and discipline, then you’re good to fly soar above the sky

well that’s my post.  but don’t get me wrong. there’s no wrong working with people. different people have different issues, matters and constraint. just my word of advise if you think to quit to become fulltime freelance, be prepared, be very extremely prepared.

I’m still not a millionaire or billionaire, for my aim is to be success and now im heading there.  So i hope this just a part of my experience will be beneficial for you guys, viewers of what i see everyday.

this evening i’m going to mmu malacca. follow Demascus as they have a concert there. see you when i see you :)

Feb 2008

7 Responses to : living life as fulltime freelancer

  1. Firdaus says:

    Very good of you to share your experience freelancing. Now, I’m still a part-time freelancer and just recently switched into writing. So far so good but not yet to the point that I can stand on my own. This year I must be very patient and disciplined to write more books. My target is that I can live on my book royalties by the time I graduate.

  2. Fahmishah says:

    mmg ini cite2 ko ek? tahniah

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    firdaus – good things to have salary by royalti. money keeps coming depends on the sale. but if you have 10 books with 10 royalties each month.. waweeee

    fahmisha – tak ah ini bukan cita2 aku ah.. agaga

  4. Firdaus says:

    Once I have 8 books I don’t need to go to work. Haha. Working hard towards that goal.

    Furthermore; writers got RM24k tax credit each year. Yeahaa. (Thanks to DSAI)

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    penulis dpt pengecualian cukai maksud ko???

  6. Firdaus says:

    Yup, RM24k hasil penulisan setiap tahun dikecualikan cukai. 😀

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    nak gak lah jadi penulis.. gugu

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