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Urm firstly, i stumbled upon this website when just clicking on my bloglog widgets. I came to noorul-azila blgospot, and reading her latest post, i discover the news, The Faizah Appeal.

//took from the website, summary about the appeal———————-

Faizah is a final year student at Cardiff University studying biotechnology. In her first year, she was confident that JPA will be sponsoring her provided that she passed her first year. To cover her tuition fees, her father bravely took a personal loan worth RM 70,000 roughly £10,000. To cover her expenses, Faizah works part-time as a cleaner.

In her second her, Faizah applied to JPA again after completing her first year. Sadly, her application was rejected due to the fact that her brother had received JPA loan to study architecture at Liverpool for 2 years. According to JPA she had to wait for her brother to finish studying before she can get the scholarship. Once again her father had to apply for another personal loan and so she continued to work part-time to cover her living expenses.

In her third year, her brother had completed his studies. During Summer 2007 Faizah worked really hard to save money to pay 6 months of her brother’s loan. This is one of the pre-conditions before applying for the scholarship. All these conditions fulfilled, Faizah once again applied for the JPA scholarship.

Unfortunately, her application was sadly rejected. Apparently the scholarship that she was promised was given to other students. Her father could not afford to take any more personal loan as he has already maximised his loan capacity. They have decided to sell their house but at the moment there is no prominent buyers.

Faizah only has 5 months left and it would be a sad thing if Faizah couldn’t finished her studies due to these circumstances. Please help faizah by contributing to the Faizah Appeal.


So dear readers, please spread this news and let’s help her. please don’t ask/criticize/condemn why she go there bla bla bla all those stuff.. for now the important thing is to help her. read her website first and don’t simply jump into ridiculous conclusion.

Click here to donate to Faizah.

The best gift you can give to other person is Education.

Feb 2008

8 Responses to : Please Help Faizah

  1. Azila says:


    Thank you for your kind effort. For someone who doesn’t know her, I think you have done a very good job.

    At least, there’s people like you out there who can really understand the situation she’s in right now.

    Terima kasih singgah di blog juga.

    p/s: I think I know you from My’s page. Schoolmate kan?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    wslm.. kita klasmate ke? muka cam takpena nampak je time serve makanan kat DS 😛

  3. Azila says:

    Eh eh, bukan..

    I’m 2 years older than you. Maizatul was your classmate(or schoolmate in that sense), and she was my exhousemate. =)

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    oh ahahha.. mai tu bukan classmate.. kelas dia jauh kot.. 😛

  5. catzer says:

    ooo..ko kena hebahkan..buatlah satu banner. erm bukan senang na dpt scholarship dan itu salah satu sebab aku tak sambung study dlm bidang medical lps habis diploma dulu..takde duit..hahahah

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    huhu aku segan nak wat banner .. kang dia lak segan gak.. gugu

  7. Faizah says:


    Just dropping by to say amillion thanks to the support. Alhamdulillah all have been well and I have manage to receive enough money to pay my tuition fees. The site has now been closed and all the doners have been fomarlly thanked.

    Jazakallah khair.

    May Allah reward you

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