Bikes banned on KL-Putrajaya Expressway

Okay here the news today, on the first february from the star


KUALA LUMPUR: Motorcycles have been barred from the new Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya Highway for safety reasons, Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said.

He said motorcyclists should have special lanes but because of the lack of space on the expressway, such lanes could not be provided.

“We have to take all aspects into consideration especially safety as we cannot have motorcycles weaving in and out when there is limited space and when there is a bridge there,” he said.

He was speaking to reporters after launching PLUS Expressways Bhd’s Chinese New Year road safety campaign themed Respect Your Limits.

more on that news here 


If only my jehuty is like this orbital frame below… then maybe it’s possible to use that expressway… haih

Honda Police Cruiser.. Oh sweet. 

So people, bikers, too bad, we didn’t pay the toll so we can’t use the highway. if we have to pay, i still want to pay. save a lot of time.

Bikers = second class road user… i told you before.

Feb 2008

5 Responses to : Bikes banned on KL-Putrajaya Expressway

  1. syia says:

    uwaa.. besarnye motor tu cam motor polis lak.. kalau syia nampak awk bawak sure syia stop tepi ingat nak menyaman hehe

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    itu mmg moto polis la. syia stop sbb nampak aku ker atau sbb nampak motor polis hahahha.. muka aku takle jadi polis… tak cukup garang hahaha

  3. Fahmishah says:

    moto ni boleh wat wilie x?

  4. dinzz says:

    pelik2, kenapa lak moto tak leh lalu lak nie?? pe rasional nya? pe besar sngat ke moto smpai boleh menghalang laluan kereta. macam2, apasal la ade undang2 pelik ni.. aku tak sangka betul bende nie.

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