Pata Pata Pata Pon!

Shocked when suddenly the monthly spending increase. because maintaining Anubis is not an easy task as maintaining Jehuty. It’s not doubles, it triples.

And I found The Celebrity Apprentice is amusing and entertaining, as well as it educating me on the business world. Gene Simmons really rocks but have been fired. Too bad.

And later on Patapon will be published for sale for just USD 20. pretty darn cheap for a verily unique game. it’s not just a cute game. it mixes rhythm,tempo, strategy from the art of war till the equipment of the patapon-ers. Here’s some links to see those patapon in action, altogether with the review.

  1. things-that-go-pon-in-the-night
  2. patapost-friday-pata-strategy

And Freya has been malfunctioning. time to reformat. what a fuss.

And the weather is so nice this evening. time to ‘throw habit’.

Jan 2008

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