Accident in Cyberjaya

Firstly, I’m writing this post ain’t to make fun for the people who involve in it, but i want to tell you that please be careful and drive slowly in Cyberjaya.

I was on the way with syed to buy some stuff from Roswell at Streetmall, Cyberjaya. What I saw is this



( shots taken with ‘Anne’ inside a car. doesnt have time to stop nearby )

Last sunday or saturday.. i forgot, there was also an accident ON THE SAME SPOT and JUNCTION. And around last 2 week, there’s someone who posted a picture of an ATOZ flip up on the road, not far from that junction in our intranet site.

So please, to any readers who are driving, please, drive safely. I hope the people who involved are safe unharmed.

Jan 2008

7 Responses to : Accident in Cyberjaya

  1. oDiN says:

    ouch .. sakitnyer ..
    heh .. mase aku dtg pon byk giler kete racing kt ctu
    tau la x byk kete .. tp agak2x ar ..

  2. abc says:

    tadi pagi pon ada teksi ngan gen-2.. kat spot sama gak.. haih!

  3. chapan says:

    padan muka kalau eksiden pasal bwk laju/racing/bwk ikut suka mak bapak. lagi2 foreigner.. pfft.

  4. TakdeNama says:

    Aku panggil kawasan tu Foreigner Invisible Wall….asyik2 foreigner jer y eksiden kat tempat y sama lak tu

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    odin – mmg la ramai cakap jalan kat cyber ni sedap.. sedap utk makan jalan

    abc – mak aih… teksi bukan selalu ade kat cyberjaya ke.. takkan tak tau kot kat sini accident spot

    chapan – serves right.. so smer jgn sesuke bawak lelaju.. kalau rasa jiwa kelajuan.. pergi batu tiga takpun sepang tu

    takdenama – apekah invisible wall ahahahhaa

  6. POYOZER says:

    gila ganas eksiden..ada yg mati tak?

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    takde darah so anggap takde kecederaan kot.. nasib baik.. kalau kene darah berselepat.. mampos

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