Year 2008 Resolution

Hot topic for every single human in this earth indeed, what are your plans for your next year dude? Well if you care less bout that.. you maybe ignorant. hahah. still it’s not too late to plan for 2008 resolution.  i also spend around 10 minutes to think of it just now.


And this picture is from Usrah Institution ‘Getaway’ D’Cherating last two weeks. You can view the picture at my fotopages. this year, i realize i didnt take so many pictures. oh yes, the wishlist for canon eos 400d still not fulfilled yet :P. lets make a review of this year ( 2007 ) resolution. words in italics with // are my comments about that resolution.

outro songs, for this year lasting resolution.

  • first is the most famous resolution is … to get 2006 resolution coming true.. hahah //just realize that i didnt have any for 2006.. so cannot bring forward
  • getting more projects n money //alhamdulillah Thank Allah
  • able to launch and publish the *something for phoebe* project //something for phoebe is something for PSP, which is Islamic Content. but now as i’m a bit busy to my first priority, The Raise Project is in hibernation stage. Afterall, the first primary job is the one which will support The Raise Project. Aulawiyyat
  • can afford a new/used car. new car might be myvi ( peugeot 206 have to wait).. where used car maybe…. my father car.. hohoho //Got Anubis. Yeahu.
  • start to save to perform hajj //unfortunately not.. still didnt open an account for tabung haji
  • start to save for house/future plans ( all this i didnt save any money ) //well a bit..
  • getting higher than 1600 x 1200 resolution ( bigger monitors ^_^ ) //introducing Delios. 1920 X 1200 HD hoho
  • getting half of the wishlist ( see right side bar of this blog ) come true. 400d, nintendo wii, world peace maybe //half of the wishlist…. NOT
  • getting paypal so people can donate me .. huhu //still didnt do paypal
  • find a more ways to contribute to society //I just don’t know.. perhaps you can answer it for me.
  • spending more time with leveu-chan n family //As for family i think i’ve gotten better. Sadly not for the other one. As I save the world ( like i am 😛 ), I fail to save the cheerleader.

And drumrolls, for the 2008 resolution, wishlist and whatever plan i can put in

  1. completing whatever that i still didnt achieve in 2007 resolution. saving for hajj,future plans,house, paypal accounts.
  2. make flavert media lab soar above the sky
  3. all this while i’m surviving on my own money. so now, give my parents some money so they can make use of it.
  4. macbookpro is a must. it is sad to see freya getting older and weaker. upgrading will cost 2k-3k. so better laptop.
  5. Install NGV for Anubis
  6. The Raise Project shall enter the ‘bloom’ stage. all the process have three stages, bud bloom and blossom.
  7. getting a credit card. perhaps.
  8. spending more and more time with family

well that’s all for 2008. oh sabau, Faisal Arbain a.k.a Technical Head at Flavert Media Lab has just make his blog so why not take a look of what he has inside. expect Flashy things ya!. speaking of Flashy things, this one was made by Sabau and Allia, Orang Bunian – Flash Lite Game : Video Demonstration. later on there will be another thing but well, it’s a secret.

this 2007 has been a flashy year for me. Alhamdulillah Thank Allah for the gift/reward/ upon me, upon my family and upon my friend. I’m a grateful grapefruit.

i keep on playing Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning although today is Saturday. counting the days ahead.

the signs of getting old perhaps. or maybe, so-called old.

happy new year people !

Dec 2007

4 Responses to : Year 2008 Resolution

  1. azrn says:

    hey, happy new year 2008!

    may your all ur wish come true.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    thanks azrn.. hope the same to you too 😀

  3. chapan says:

    resolution 2008 – 1240×1024

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    chapan – 1280 x 1024 lah.. beli la dell 22 inci.. murah dah

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