Commentary video from Giorgio Natilli and Vassilis Legakis on Al-Quran for PSP.

And I just found out that Giorgio married during Adobe MAX Conference 2006. Whoaaa gila cool. kalau nak kahwin time gath gath geek ni leh tak wahaha.
Maintaining four blogs is … tiresome.. wahaha.

  1. This my own my sight, is What I See Is What You Get
  2. Islamic Content for PlayStation Portable
  3. M-Travelogue Blog.
  4. Flavert Media Lab Development Blog.

and sabau make the theme for flavert’s blog. nice.and next year, you’ll see fully flash of the company website.

speaking of the title of the blog, i refer it from Chuck. well just another geek.
Grimes : Anna, Pineapple!

Don’t forget to visit Agile Development Talk tomorrow after Maghrib Prayer 730 till 930. by tulip

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