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back from the tak-boleh-land, singapore. hujan emas dinegara orang, hujan batu dinegara sendiri, lebih baik dinegara sendiri.

It’s been a great week, with a thoughtful tuesday and wonderful wednesday this week. went to singapore to learn some stuff related to mobile applications. meeting the experts. giorgio natilli, vassilis legakis ( not vassili zaitsev πŸ˜› ) and stefano virgilli, are the three speakers that giving the seminars on tuesday and wednesday.


the drinks, pens, brochure and the book, take as much as you want.

more ya

The first seminars was at waterloo center. they teach about integration of C++ and Flash lite. On the wednesday, stefano and giorgio presenting the Adobe CS3 workflow for developing mobile application at the adobe center, Suntec Tower 3. Nice building. they teach from creating the graphics inside photoshop, to port and test it inside mobilephones. Some of the tips we did learn. being a self-learner, i’ve always miss out some down-dirty-but-extremely-cool-and useful tips in photoshop. im not pro in photoshop though. but stefano really amaze the participants with the tricks. most unforgettable, is the altitude 70 degrees. hahah.


( mr stefano virgilli in teaching Adobe CS3 workflow in mobile application development )

I’ve also take a minute from vassilis and giorgio asking them their opinion about the usability and comments about Al-Quran for PSP. i’ve also record the commentaries from them using my Anne. I’ll upload it later on next week perhaps. They call this as the first Flash Lite Application for Non-Conventional Devices. sweet.

(Vassilis Legakis, Giorgio Natilli, Stefano Virgilli, Syed Huzaifah, Faisal Arbain and Ikhwan Nazri. Thanks to Playyoo for the sponsored mousepad, tshirt and stickers :P)

the most memorable quotes was from giorgio. “it’s all for you”, quoting of his passion in sharing knowledge. Afterall, all flash developers loves the fun inside it.


seeing the adobe office, we also camwhoring wahhaha, for it’s the software makers that always inspires us. Flavert office will be like that one day, with one room dedicated to give tutorials and classes perhaps.

Dream on.

living a life as an adult is quite tiresome and too sudden. “you no longer called as tekong, but to be called as Mr Ikhwan Nazri”

towards a better future perhaps :)

[ Clarity – John Meyer ]

Nov 2007

4 Responses to : Meeting the experts – Adobe

  1. pecal says:

    hahaha…giler kewl.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    aku tahu aku kewl.. susah susah je bitau wakakaka

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  4. neutronics says:

    waw.. aku nak pegi jugak…
    aku rasa air mineral tu mesti ramai yang tak minum… πŸ˜€

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