dubbla chokladflarn

oh the very weird title. actually it’s a name of IKEA Double Crisp Chocolate Biscuits. Yummy. here’s the picture.


this is the third time eating this what i love to refer as ikea biscuits. the first time is during i have nothing to do on weekend. sabau left his file at masjid TTDI so we rempit all the way from cyberjaya to damansara just to take his file then it was the first time go to ikea. the second time eating this biscuits during internship with Josh Lim. and this one i ask muaiz to bought the biscuits from me.


indeed very yummy, but at the price of RM 20.90. so one month.. one box only.. or maybe one box every 3 month. or maybe one box each year. in each box contains 32 pieces of this cookies. so if rich enough can buy every month and eat just one everyday. unfortunately of course not ahaha. serving suggestion is with hot milk, coffee or tea. place the biscuits in the cool and dry atmosphere. as you can see, the biscuits melt a bit already.

Now i think i sounds like jakun ppl ledi.

me sabau muaiz and syed will be going to singapore tonight. this time it’s not for The Raise, but we’re attending Flash Lite seminar for 2 days. i’ll back here on thursday.

talk about The Raise, Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable version 1.3 released. download ya.

see you when i see you

Nov 2007
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14 Responses to : dubbla chokladflarn

  1. SuE says:

    itu bahasa jerman.. x pernah jumpa coklat tu kat sini pon.. ehe.. tp baru pg ikea sekali je pon.. ehe

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    hoh bukan ikea dari sweden ke.. apsal promot bahasa jerman? achtung!

  3. SuE says:

    entah.. ye la kot.. but tak nmpk sedap pon..

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    sedap sebab aku jakun kot.. ko kat sana takde la nak jakun kan kan kan kan kan?

  5. baba says:

    ingredients ada contain “glycerides” lah… tak tau lah 50:50 halal atau haram.. subahat… ada nasihat tak?

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    aiseh tak sure lak.. tp kan.. kalau haram… mesti jakin ade kuarkan statement… maybe kalau sesapa visitor yg budak chemist leh kaji pasal menda ni. huhu

  7. baba says:

    bukan pasti haram, tapi subahat… coz glycerides ni kekadang mereka pakai animal origin, kalau plant tak haram… so 50:50 le

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    harap guna plant la.. tp mana yg selalunye diguna pakai? tp kalau animal origin, mmg lemak babi tu je ke?

  9. baba says:

    yelah… tapi klau lemak daging lembu pun sama jugak tak halal… saya pun baru perasan tengok kat ingredients… lebih baik tak makan lah kalau kita ada syak atau ragu-ragu…

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    itu kalau lemak daging lembu tak sembelih.. kalau lemak daging lembu tu disembelih.. halal lah.

    sebut syak atau ragu² ni nasik lemak kak senah (hanya nama rekaan semata² ) kalau kita was was pun haram. kalau kita ada ragu2 ngan kandungan nasi lemak kak senah pun kita takleh makan nasi lemak dia.

    kalau ragu2 jgn makan.. kalau tak ragu² utk makan, silakan.

  11. baba says:

    aku slalu jugak beli nasi lemak kak senah!!! heheh

  12. Judie says:

    Where can I buy these cookies. Are they available online?

  13. ikhwan nazri says:

    judie – i don’t think so. you have to find your local IKEA stores i think.

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