new work – capitalstudio

last week, me and sabau finished one of the work, capital studio. it’s not a flash website, but it feature an integrated interaction between Flash and XHtml. clicking the link either html links or the picture inside the flash will navigate and control the page. and even more, the page will move using mootools effects. sweet.

this capitalstudio located at damansara. went there twice. for proposing the webdeisgn and internet business solution to them. they have a big studio. they have pretty expensive and quality equipments. well since i do their website, seeing the list of their equipments make me drooling for it to have it. and with vast number of equipments, they’re able to do almost anything related to the production field like tv-commercials. they also provide a place for Live & Loud artist to do their concert rehearsal there.

oh

Another one thing is they do can do Green Screen in their huge studio. This means maybe they can do 300-alike shooting. 300 the movie was produced on studio. looking at their studio here, i think they can. this bring revolution to the filming/ or animation industry in malaysia. let’s hope later on many director/film producer will use this facility only to produce quality work. if not, we’ll surely see some movie with the hype like ” the first malaysia movie filmed on green screen” while the story is crap. haih.

visit the website of capitalstudio here 

talk about movie, i’ve watched beowulf with the and Hitman with sabau, edry and syed. i prefer to watch hitman than beowulf. but if beowulf is going to bestaged at times square IMAX, i’ll definitely go. because beowulf is a 3D motion-capture movie. and they produce it to be human-alike, a bit same like Final fantasy: Spirit Within and Final Fantasy : Advent Children( FFAC ). but between FFAC and beowulf, i prefer to watch beowulf because of the character. refa told me about this also earlier.

there are a weakness in japan animation. they can’t produce serious/various emotion on their character. in detail, refa said that japanese animation/movies always good looking. look at FFAC, all the character use fair n lovely on their face. while on beowulf, you can see scars,stitches on the face. this what makes american animation more ‘alive’.

Beowulf storyline is somewhat fairy-tale alike. rendering is impressive. Hitman, although earn a bit of bad review, but as a gamer, i think it does a good job. they retain the 3rd person view of the game and also, following the details like the mission in st Petersburg. that remind me of Radzi who used to play hitman.

next month movie, golden compass and national treasure. oh plus i am legend. wohooo yeah..

Nov 2007

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