Boys Raya Convoy

on the 4th November, Iskandar organize a convoy trip. remember our buka puasa gath? So here comes the raya convoy. the participant were me, syazwan, muaiz, iskandar, ezaffie, noxus, paie gurun, fasya, afifi dante, and afifi’s friend that always come to their house at cyberia.

So the first checkpoint is afifi dante’s house. the house is at jalan 2. surrounded by many trees like rambutan, durian. Taka should come because afifi mother missed him. Because last time when taka coming to afifi house, he ate so much rambutans.. haha. We ate macaroni and murtabak at his house, and i think that day, my mood as photographer doesnt seem to appear.

but still, there’s some photos to tell the stories.. click more


after afifi’s house.. it’s my house, the second checkpoint. me and syazwan leading the convoy. but things doesnt go right, suddenly the car in front us brake suddenly. syazwan manage to not hit the car.. it’s really sudden. iskandar also braking the car but a bit late and hit us and with the effect, we hit the car in front.


syazwan’s car


iskandar’s car

a pretty sudden. it almost ruined the convoy.. ater some discussion, we decide to continue the convoy. so back on the road, heading for my house.

after visiting my house, muaiz’s car ‘terlajak masuk longkang’ pulakkk. he accidentally realeased his clutch and the car move to the front. he said that the drain looks like calling for him. it was big and it smashed his front lamp at the right side.


“what happen to this convoy? ” – Muaiz


next is syazwan’s house at taman permata. there, we enjoyed the food and the wii. it’s the first time i’ve play wii. it’s quite accurate, fun and responsive. and yes.. it’s the another of my wishlist for next year perhaps. but to compare wii and ps3 is ridiculos.. because ps3 targeting the hard core gamer while wii is for casual gamer. we’ve also take a picture here.


sitting = afifi friend, fasya, me, ezaffie, iskandar and syazwan

standing like boyband ( because afifi is there ) = noxus, afifi, paie gurun, and muaiz.

Syazwan can’t follow us after that because he have to go work at lescopaque. they now rushing their job to make Geng The Movie can meet the deadline.afifi and his friend also going back, as they also have so work to do. from syazwan’s house, im riding jehuty through the heavy rain to go to the next checkpoint is muaiz’s house at subang… oh well ikea’s house.. wahahahahha. his father cooked mee rebus johor. bes bes.

after that is the last checkpoint, iskandar’s house at Klang. but i’m not riding all the way to klang.. coz it’s raining so i tumpang muaiz’s car. we ate ketupat and peanut sauce, and also curry mee. we didnt spent so much time there because it’s already at 930pm.

and after that, back to mmu all the way from subang to mmu. sakit pinggul. huhu

so next year buat lagi ye.. kalau nak join utk konvoi tahun depan ha mehla.. ahaha.

and as requested by syazwan.. here’s the nintendo wii gameplay that we play at his house.

Nov 2007
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22 Responses to : Boys Raya Convoy

  1. noxus says:

    this will be memorable hari raya convoy aite? 😀

  2. watdecrap says:

    rumah muaiz makan mee rebus laa.. bukan mee sup..

  3. noxus says:

    btul2 sedap woo tp aku dah x larat nak makan byk time 2 T_T

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    noxus – sudah pasti

    watdecrap – silap.. aku jawa bukan johor maaaa

  5. syazwanimator says:

    bukan ko ader rekod video ke masa main wii? bole tgk gaya main masing2, kelaka tak kelaka. ahahaha…

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    syazwanimator – ha hamek hamekkk

  7. watdecrap says:

    aper syazwanimator plak… hajinimator laa..

  8. klause says:

    best, dem x dpt ikot smpi abis

  9. Afifi`s friend says:

    name saye faiz/joelabis harap maklum hahaha

  10. muaiz says:

    esok cat ko dah repair kete?moral of the story,beli la honda civic 7th gen

  11. ikhwan nazri says:

    watdecrap – hahah lupe

    klause – nama saya rainn

    joelabis – hoke hoke.. akan ku ingat

    muaiz – bapak ah moral.. huhu

  12. is says:

    hoho.. kete aku siap arineh.. tp lom cat… haih~*

  13. tekong says:

    tekong – oh.. brape kena?

  14. is says:

    hoo.. mau sponsor ke?? haha

  15. ikhwan nazri says:

    is – tak ah tanye je ahaha

  16. watdecrap says:

    wat de crap beli keter baru… baik keter buruk tu kene langgar.. nangis air mata jer.. kalau keter baru.. nangis keluar darah..

  17. oejal says:

    rumah afifi bukan kt bangi? woh x dtg umah aku ye.

  18. zafee says:

    taun depan kene buat 2 trip..- 2 kali.. tadapat menghayati makanan sgt sbb kenyang sgt.. uuuuu

  19. zafee says:

    berat naik 30kg satu ari.. ape pe pon nama saya rain 😆

  20. ikhwan nazri says:

    watdecrap – ko beli kereta baru ?

    oejal – ko oejal.. pecal nye rumah leh dtg la.. tp aku tapena sampai pun.. nak sampai camane.. ahuehuhuae

    zafee – takde nama afifi je rain.. ko takleh sbb rambut tak lurus dan panjang.. dia yg leh jadi rain

    -aku.. sbb aku tuan punye blog.

  21. zafee says:

    aku mewakili fifi la tu kekeke

  22. ikhwan nazri says:

    oh pulak.. ko takleh.. rambut kerinting takle masuk

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