^_^ another achievements & Samten Raya Convoy

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you readers,visitors, and stalkers. oh well if you notice, the frequency of the new post inside this blog is decreasing.. huhu

anyways, last friday, i’m going back to ampang because the boys wanna have a visit to my house. then my mother tell me i won a consolation prize for Agro-Biotechnology Malaysia logo design competition.. yeahhhh


not much.. just 100. but alhamdulillah thank God, around the many contestant, this means my design for the logo is still ‘awoutstanding’ ( a phrase from TV Series, Chuck, when captain awesome mixing Awesome and Outstanding)

Here’s the design.


oh the red is because they want the color to be red. but i think for the earth element, still the green suits better.If you wanted to see the design rationale, kindly give me your email and i’ll share to you on how to propose a logo design. and you’ll see why some logos, cost a bomb.

And the last time Samten Raya Convoy.. here’s next..


click more ya, oh picture bombardment.

okay so the samten convoy is on the second week of raya.. on 20/10. from ampang, is tokwan, mail, fitri and me. Akmal hakim and muiz can’t join us. so four of us go to the first check point, asrizal’s house at Hulu langat, nearby with Lembah Azween. Last year i’ve went to Lembah Azween for Dynamic Camp as usual, a photographer for the camp.


Taken with Anne, on a moving motorcycle 90km/h. ( kids don’t try this okay ) We’re on the way to asrizal’s house, using the Bukit Langat ( betul ke nama dia ?) road.

At Asrizal’s house, we met with Safwan ( bird ), nizar, Ilyas, rasiman. The girls is zawani, suhana, khadijah, hurriyyah and solehah.


fitri, asrizal’s older brother, ilyas and rasiman


anticlockwise – orange = mail,safwan ( bird ), nizar, and half of asrizal.

after asriza’s house, we head to the next checkpoint raya, Khaliq’s house.


from left = nizar, fitri and rasiman.

Khaliq’s house located along the hulu langat road. asrizal and bird didnt follow to khaliq’s house. here we met with hadidin and K.E ( zulkhairi azizi zainal abidin – wah ingat nama). surprisingly, Khaliq’s father know my grandfather ( father’s side ) at Tanjung Karang. Khaliq’s father is a former worker of Bernas Tanjung Karang. My grandfather is a farmer and he has a paddy field. hoho


rasiman and mail


tokwan, ilyas and fitri


khaliq and his friend, AJK masjid batu 9.

so after khaliq house is the main house that always hosted raya gathering for samten students, Nahar’s at sg sekamat.


the rempitans, lead by tokwan. we’re waiting fitri. he’s lost.

arrive at nahar’s house. there’s a lot of samten students.. some of them i still remember, and some of them i have no idea because they might be entering samten in form 4, and that time i’m no longer there.


amer, K.E, mail with the camera and the orange guy.. i dont know who 😛


lutfi, syahdan my deskmate in 3 Muslim, and aslizar or the nickname, azalezaroba


part of azalezaroba, smiling hadidin, and naim lonjong. at the back with the red shirt is syakaff. and the another specky guy .. i dont know.


asrizal and darwin shahrizan. darwin now is working as ustaz.


zulkhairi, mail and tokwan. taking the chocolate moist cake and cheese what.

we also take a group picture.. but still hurriyyah didnt email the nice picture taken with her D30 so here is the shaky picture, taken using kodak V610 dual lens camera with bluetooth technology to transfer picture to any bluetooth enabled device.

clicking this picture will open a new window with their name as i remember


haha.. i don’t know the girls so much except those who from ampang and study at Sekolah rendah agama lembah jaya, and those who’re in the same class 3 Muslim. ( my batch is the last batch separate boys and girls till form 2. after our batch, the school decice not to separate.)

and so after nahar’s house, we went to nahli house. meet with faiz paimon.


syahrin, asrizal, nahli, amer, err donno.. and at the back is faiz paimon.

after that we went to mail’s house.. then went to solehah’s house and cu-en house. since my Anne ran out of battery, i’m using Phoebe’s chotto shot to take pictures at cu-en house. tokwan said cu-en house should never missed because of the food.


mash potato and spagetti. cooked by cu-en


tokwan yg mmg tak melepaskan peluang, nahar and hurriyyah


oh and i arrive at my home around 11pm.. quite late. next… boys convoy hoho.
hpe i’ll be able to join the convoy next year.. hehe

Nov 2007

4 Responses to : ^_^ another achievements & Samten Raya Convoy

  1. Solehah says:

    Erm, tak sengaje terbukak page u ni.. best sgt coz sy pon ex-student jgk.. tapi rase cam xkenal je ngan awk.. batch samela ngan bebudak tu..(SPM 2002) tapi sy masuk mase form3.. Rindu ssgt ngan kwn² lame dr samten.. klu rajin bleh la send kan sy emel x-student yg awk tau… ok.. take care.. Assalamualaikum… :)

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah.. nnt saya emailkan email2 yg ade.. btw ko kelas mana? aku pun.. pas tengok gambar.. tak ingat.. ahaha.. tapi aku mmg ingat ade dua solehah time tu.. satu solehah mokti yg mmg aku kenal sbb sekola rendah sama ngan dia.. yg lagi satu solehah tu ko la kot.. tah.. kalo bukan sekelas ngan aku ( 3 Muslim ) ngan bukan dari sekolah agama lembah jaya.. aku susa kenal la 😛 lgpun form 4 aku dah pindah… ko tak kenal aku.. besela.. aku low profile.. pendek kot 😛

    P/S : kalo tengok kat gamba yg aku tulis nama derang pun.. tak banyak yg aku kenal hahah 😛

  3. Solehah says:

    Ha ah.. mmg kiter same² tak kenal.. heheh.. coz saya pon bdk baru mase form 3 tu.. tak silap saya masuk klas 3 nasa’i kot.. tak ingat sgtla.. pastu mmg low profile la mase tu.. budak baru la katakan.. heheh.. naik form 4 baru start active.. awak plak dh pindah time tukan..? Hm.. pepon.. thanx so much!! :))

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