Chop & Steak and first step towards world domination

on the rainy sunday night, me, sabau, putra, lan and rahmat went to Chop & Steak nearby UPM serdang. since it was a rainy night, i’m unable to take a picture of the restaurant. rahmat was the one who suggested this place.

upon reaching the place, it was a modified corner lot house. transformed into a hot-restaurant, we find a bit trouble to find parking. we order 3 set of chicken golden blue, putra add in a salad, lan ordered chicken sizzling rice and rahmat ordered chicken burger set + macaroni.

at the first time seeing the chicken golden blue, the chicken was pretty small, but thick. yeah very thick.


but when i sliced through it, look what i found,no wonder it’s thick, lookie lookie

It was a melted cheeeeessseeeee inside.. heavenly


and below is putra’s salad


oh bess..

the price quite okay. RM 8.50 + iced milo ‘O’ for¬† RM 1.50. and it was served in a big glass around 590ml. great value indeed.

i didnt take much picture because ‘Anne’ ran out of battery and i didnt bring phoebe’s chotto shot. next time maybe.

today i taken some snapshot of my workplace. own studio. alhamdulillah the ambition and the ideas since alpha year in mmu has take a step forward. this is the first step towards world domination miahahaha


the whole cubicle


on my left side.


on my right side.

arranging the notice + phamplets like raya greeting card.. haha.

and i’m in the need of many cute deskmates.. i need a handphone holder. buy me one. ( don’t forget macbookpro for me too )

receive one quotes from my maresmart classmates.

 there is one similarity between successful men and women, they are always working РKhairi Hafsham

looks like i can’t stop this train :)

Oct 2007
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13 Responses to : Chop & Steak and first step towards world domination

  1. sighey says:

    itu cd kale ijau kat tepi kiri sana saya mahu :(

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    ahuhu leskopak tatau leh antar kesana atau tak

  3. catzer says:

    muhahahhaha..budak kecik..bile nak belanja aku huh?

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    cis catzer… ko lagik kecik dari aku… kalau kita terjumpa aku banje a.. tp banje murah murah je leh tak.. ahaha

  5. zool says:

    Makan… Menambahkan kapasiti perut hang.. Tahniah

  6. Fahmishah says:

    fulamak! ada workspace siot..

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    timaseh timaseh.. kalau nak dtg kena bawak buah tangan kalau tak makan penumbuk karang. wakaka

  8. pejal says:

    woh..aku pernah mkn kt situ…btol2 masuk tepi masjid upm tuh.

  9. ikhwan nazri says:

    pejal – ko mesti makan ngan awek kau…. tanak ajak aku.. huhu

  10. Firdaus says:

    tekong…aku pun baru pi makan tempat yang sama hari isnin lepas…hoho…bila mau belanje aku?hehe

  11. ikhwan nazri says:

    firdaus – ko la kena belanja aku.. kata nak gih brunei.. tak ajak aku pun.. aku kan navigator.. leh tolong ko.. singapore tuh kita dah konker dah.. bila lagi brunei wakaka

  12. Firdaus says:

    tekong, pi brunei?kalau ade org jemput aku p la…huhu…setahun dapat 1 pun jadikla…kire ok…ko tuh…kalau pi Australia jangan lupa ajak aku…hehe…kalo ko navigator…aku sebagai ape ek?pendakwah bebas je la…huhu

  13. ikhwan nazri says:

    apelak.. ko pendakwah bebas merangkap tukang angkat barang aku ngan syed..wakaka

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