OctoCamo car

okay last night i dream about car. later i’ll get a car. but my car somewhat is equipped with OctoCamo, a new form of camouflage introduced in Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns of The Patriots ( MGS 4 ). So it happens in my dream, i go somewhere but the environment seems like at the harbor. in the middle of battle atmosphere.

i go and i park that car. and activate the octocamo. but then, after finish what things i forgot, go back to my car and realize that the remote ran out of battery. but i have two remote that is one to lock/unlock the car like the ordinary one and another remote is a pretty complex remote. so i can unlock the car.. but can’t deactivate the octocamo.

what i do is.. keep pressing the unlock/lock button and see where the headlights blinking.. then i rubbing the surface of the car to find the door latch. and i found it and escape from the battle.

and i wakeup and realize i need a PS3 to play MGS 4. haih. takkan la nak tumpang main rumah orang ke ape

dude, get your own

Oct 2007

6 Responses to : OctoCamo car

  1. Hana says:

    ya! jum beli PS3!

  2. Firdaus says:

    Huh, memang gila game Tekong ni. Sampai terbawa-bawa ke dalam mimpi! 😛

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    hana – kau semua nak… aakaka

    firdaus – hentahla.. mmg aku bangun aku gelak sbb aku meraba raba mana pintu nyer latch nih.. nak bukak anubisku.. wuwuwuw

  4. Hana says:

    ahh… baru laa aku tau ape anubis kau! cepat2 beli anubis. leh main racing ngan en. skyline putih.

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    hoke hoke.. racing konfem menang

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