Leopard & increasing oil price next year.

rahmat message me yesterday in the morning. leopard released this 26th october. so for those who bought macs after 1 october but is preloaded with Mac OS Tiger, you have the option to upgrade for cheaper price. Now the leopard released, it’s time to save ( already save some ) money to bought macbookpro. in the need of laptop, so the macbook pro could satisfy and also, doing the hard work needed.

leopard have 300++ features inside. read more here. as usual, the features was intended to make mac user can use the computer more easily.

Leopard is coming..

so after tiger it’s leopard. after leopard maybe panther? i dont know.. which one is the fastest?

and the oil price, yes. the oil price surely increased in the next year. datuk shafie afdal said bout it. huhu. the news taken from here

not good. getting anubis next month. so really really have to plan for budget next year. haih.

and for another geeky thingy, a 400 channel remote control from artlebedev. concept for now.

longest remote?

Pultius remote control.  Indeed, let the form follow the function . after their revolutionary keyboard, now the longest remote.. haha

dats all for now

Oct 2007

4 Responses to : Leopard & increasing oil price next year.

  1. iejal says:

    sampai kat Malaysia remote tuh… jadi bahan artifak jelah… kalo pakai astro pun takde lah sampai 400 channel… huhuhuhuhu

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    ahaha.. aku wat pemukul besbol

  3. Fahmishah says:

    kena pakai dua tangan seh nak tekan nombor..wakaka ek wat libas ko nazri

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    fahmishah – libas sesape yg malas baca quran.. haha cam ustaz tak 😛

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