Duit Raya from Advertlets!

wohoo. the first duit raya for this year came in from Advertlets


Not that much. i have another 100 in my advertlets account but that would be reserved until my balance left another 100. so i would only cash out when i reach rm 200. okayla tuh. this is my first cash out with them. there are stickers only. why not making some sampul duit raya as promotional item. that would be wonderful. or maybe after this during chinese new year, giving the cheques in Angpow envelope. ( josh if you’re using this idea then give me angpow la. ) so thanks for the early duit raya. mueheaheahea.

i found something rather inspiring. more after the jump. star jump people



“For I know that this is what I have dreamt of since I was 10.
This is for all the Malaysian people thriving for success.
This is for all the scientists who has worked hard for the experiments.
This is for my beloved UKM , MRSM Muar and St. Paul.
This is for MOSTI and ANGKASA for making this programme a success.
This is for all the people who believed in themselves.
This is for those who want to make changes for the better of mankind.
This is for all the youth hoping to change their mindset.
This is for all the schoolchildren who will be leaders in the near future.
This is for all the Malaysian who have believed in the angkasawan programme.
This is for all the Muslims all over the world.
This is for all parents who raise their kids to become great achievers.”

-Dr. Sheikh

good luck ya. “humans are now free from gravity”

oh and this morning i’ll be going to my father’s village at tanjung karang. will be back to the second life ( online life ) on tuesday next week. so until tuesday, i’m not home..meanwhile, enjoy the released new trailer, Geng that scheduled to be released on 2008.

now you know a bit. hehe.

oh the song just now.. lovely.. deeper than words :)

Song At The Moment: Tsutchie – fat jon – [samurai champloo music records ‘playlist’ #14] deeper than words [foobar2000 v0.9.4.3]
via FoxyTunes

Oct 2007

7 Responses to : Duit Raya from Advertlets!

  1. ape? nak sedekah sini sket? dialu2kannnn ;D ..saye kecik lagi.

  2. Fahmishah says:

    ehem2…hulur2 le skit…saya budak kecik

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    chunli – hahah kena la beraya.. weh tshirt dah dpt lom?

    fahmishah – ko tak kecik lagi.. badan ko besa.. warf

  4. liyananaznim says:

    inspiring….sgt inspiring………… 8->

    nak duit raya!

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    liyana – mehle dtg beraya.. ahaha

  6. aMyn says:

    kaye le engkau…. (buat muke ipin)

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    ahaha.. tak kaya ah… biasa biasa je

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