5 days before Raya

Raya comes in in just another 5 days. well i’m also surprised, because this year, i feel that the time flies by too fast at the sound of lights. Yes really. Really-really fast. Have been fasting since kid but this year is a bit different. too fast too realize, and also, our family now didn’t buy any food outside because the surau ( mosque ) nearby everyday providing Porridge ( bubur lambuk ). Save money also.

So we decide to paint the guest area( ruang tamu.. tatau nak translate). We paint it a bit yellowish using Maxlite paint.


And clicking this link below will reaveal more pics and stories. click click.


After. that speaker + radio system has already at the age of 15++ because my father bought them when i was a kid. but what grab my attention today during painting at the garage is this bunch of kids.


( opss.. digital zoom. )

These kids collecting steel/iron/aluminum to sell at.. urm i dont know how to explain but here there’s some workshop accepting steel for a price. i’m sure they’re not sending the steel to the recycling center but herein ampang, my hometown, there lies some steel garage collecting this stuff.

So when they were carrying a bag of steel with paint tin inside and can drinks, my father approach them. then those kids show to us the steel their collecting and my father decide to give some also. we have some pots, cooking stove, and those motorcycle rim that already rusty. it’s from jehuty’s old rim. you can see the kid in red shirt also holding the motorcycle rear handler at the back for the passenger to grab on.

so since we gave them more steel, the kids have to make 2 trips going back and forth to send their steel collected. they manage to get RM40. quite okay la. this kids very hardworking, seeking for some extra money for this raya. at their age, i’m only play around with no efforts to seek pocket money. and right now maybe last 14 years back then, i was counting and assuming how much duit raya i’ll be getting. my parents however, at those kids age, seeking for firewoods in the forest and fishing for the food. well since they grow at paddy field village and rubber estate of course they have more thrilling adventure to seek.

ask yourself, at their age.. around standard 2.. what are you doing this time??

money for this raya, duit raya, i have to run before these kids asking me for duit raya.. miahahha.

5 days before raya. hohoho.
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Oct 2007
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17 Responses to : 5 days before Raya

  1. Firdaus says:

    Tahun ni Tekong dah kerja mestilah kena bagi duit raya! 😀

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    tanak tanakkk

    ( berlakon jadik kanak kanak mumaiyiz utk dptkan duit raya )

  3. Fahmishah says:

    hai…dah tembab pon nak duit raye?akakaka

  4. Firdaus says:

    Dalam family aku selalunya selagi belum kahwin selagi tulah boleh dapat duit raya. Macam adat Cina bagi ang pow lak. 😛

  5. SuE says:

    ruang tamu is called living room. thank you

  6. SuE says:

    erm.. at the age of 2.. my dad let me play with science book.. haha..

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    fahmishah – saya comel leh dpt duit raya

    firdaus – harap harap still dpt la.. kekeke.

    sue – thx for the translation. erm about that science book.. tak teruja banyak.. teruja sikit je.

  8. pecal says:

    tuh la kau..aku raye2 neh carik duit dgn potong rumpot kt umah..hehehe…tahun neh beraye la kau sebagai pekerje..thn depan sebagai suami kot? ;p

  9. boris says:

    hahah waddehell kanak2 mumaiyyiz! around standard 2, mercun blom lagi diharamkan, so….

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    pecal – tahun depan sebagai suami? KAHKAHKAH KAH..

    mimpi la. tp kalau dah ade takdir dan jodoh.. mmg amazing.. nnt honeymoon kitorang nak buat amazing race.

    boris – so what? btw aku pernah melecur kena bunga api.. nasib baik tak putus jari. kurang effisien nnt nak main counterstrike. ( dlm bebanyak mende lain guna ngan jari.. game gak aku ingat )

  11. SuE says:

    tak suruh pon teruja langsung.apsal nk teruja

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    sue – entah.. aku nak teruja.. tetiba.. ahah

  13. Fahmishah says:

    wei..aku nak tshirt free

  14. ikhwan nazri says:

    fahmishah – hoh apsal lak nak tshirt free… ah tade tade ramai beli bayaaaa

  15. Fahmishah says:

    ek eley..derang beli mmg ar bayar..aku mintak mestilah free..betol tak?

  16. azlan says:

    hi. i chanced upon this site while looking for upin and ipin. thot since u ve a pretty advanced blog, i decided to read on. and further chanced upon your ‘5 days before raya’ story. just wanna share that i “was selling stickers and keychains to make extra money and helped mum sell cookies”. that’s my answer to your question “what are you doing this time”. :)

    cool site. enjoyed browsing through your developments. wish i can learn to make all these.


  17. ikhwan nazri says:

    fahmishah – tabetolll

    azlan – wuih jual sticker.. sticker ape? kalau nak suruh print sticker & keychain leh? handcraft ker atau beli dan jual semula? neway nothing impossible. kalau minat marila belajar2 multimedia nih gak tp put ur priority first hehe. thx for visiting :)

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