Raise 6 + Upin Ipin expected date

haih lambat betul release, 6th edition of Raise-PSP Islamic Magazine.


Here are the links to the Raise -6 + wallpaper for PC..

Hujan pagi tadi sungguh nice.. dan selsema sudah. oh semalam aku bajet Upin Ipin kuar no 5.. tp yg kuar no 1 balik. so the pattern has been confirmed.. for those who’re eagerly waiting for Ep 5 & Ep 6 of Upi& Ipin.. here are my expected date.. again MY.. not official from lescopaque apatah lagi TV9 😛

  1. ep 1 = 30/9 – dah lepas
  2. ep 2 = 5/10
  3. ep 3 = 6/10
  4. ep 4 = 7/10
  5. ep 5 = 12/10 ( jangkaaan )
  6. ep 6 = 13/10 ( jangkaan + rasanya raya )

kalau terlepas tengok ep 1-3 click sini.. kalau nak tengok ep4 ha click sini lak

okay smer.. meh donlod raise 6.. siap ade wallpaper allia cupcake buat

Freya,Tesla, Delios, Anne, Muvey, Phoebe, Jehuty and SandyKruzy, meet SandyKruzy’s sister, SandyForgie.

thanks to aishah for the original Memory Stick Pro Duo straight from singapore. really cheap. 88SGD = roughly RM196 ++ . compare that to original at lowyat.. around 250++ something like that.

And use original equipment for better perfomance.

Aaaachoommm.. srot sret.

Song At The Moment: Kanno Youko – [DARKER THAN BLACK -Kuro no Keiyakusha- Gekiban #12] Shadow [foobar2000 v0.9.4.3]
via FoxyTunes

Oct 2007

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