Boys Break Fasting Gathering

today, me and sabau went to cyberjaya to follow bro shah giving talks to student at Sekolah Sri Putri. we’re supposed to go MMU after his talk ended but too many questions from the floor, we’re unable to go to mmu with Rahmat. So syazwan come to that school to fetch us to our buka puasa gath, organised by Iskandar.


oh the gath was at pizza hut.. and click more for picture bombardment.

around 18 people yesterday, rizal housemante, joe, fasya, iman,rizal, zubir, taka, wan afifi dante, me, syazwan, iskandar, ezaffe, sabau, izmie.. in the picture alone are 14 people.. plus after that anas, ajim, chapan, ehsan, join us. hoho.


this picture was taken using Anne. oho. that’s why the color a bit different than Phoebe’s chotto shot.

Not much we ate. 4 large pizza plus side dishes that we personally order. but it’s good to meet each other wahaha and talk about updates.

Now guys, print the picture below and ask your mamak/hairstylist/ to do your hair like this.


More pictures here.. on the fotopages

Nanti raya nanti nak lepak rumah sape lak??? ( suggestion : Syazwan’s house )

Tesla, Freya, Delios, Jehuty, Muvey, Phoebe and SandyKruzy, meet your new friend, Anne.

Comel kan nama dia? 😛

Anne is the test device for M-Travelogue. I still keep the old phone as backup. But dear readers if you have your phone equiped with Symbian OS, or S40, S60 handphone, or Flash Lite Enabled, or you just want to try if your phone can use flash, please tell me ya.

And next week, can’t wait for PSP-BreakFasting Gathering 😀

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Sep 2007

8 Responses to : Boys Break Fasting Gathering

  1. ikram_zidane says:

    kat ala manda kan ? ^_^

    you should try at the coast -great food there and got discount berbuka there..

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    ikram – wuwuwuw penah apply kerja part time kat situ ngan taka ngan ezaffie didalam gambar.. entah bila berbuka kat alamanda lagik

  3. paskal says:

    hurm… nie pizzahut alamanda ni… aku penah keje situ dlu…sempat la setahun… ok la jgk keje situ, just kalo bln pose penat sgt coz org ramai gler… lani aku balik wat 3D kat tganu…

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    selamat datang paskal.. oh penah keja sana eh.. kitchen ker?

  5. liyananaznim says:

    waw. anne. banyak betul idea utk bagi nama kat anak2 kesayangan dia.huhu

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    liyana – uih mesti la sayang.. tambahan pulak Anne masih lagi lawa.. owner lama dia suruh jaga leklok.. dan sbb owner lama dia comel.. dengan hati yg ikhlas, akan kujaga Anne bebaik.. ( calar mapuhh )

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