PSP Break-Fast Gathering


As the title stated, you’re invited to come at PSP Breakfasting Gathering. Those who have or didnt have a PSP can come.  we will have wifi multiplayer games party such as Metal Gear Solid : Portable Ops, MACH, Monster Hunter Freedom, Killzone ( maybe ) and many more. Don’t worry if you didn’t have a psp, you can join us and surely can test to play with the members. Another way is to buy psp.. ahah. FYI the new PSP Slim Lite only priced at 700++ at Gamers Solution. If you need the contacts i’ll give it to you :)

And to muslimah readers if you’re from europe or japan, then this is something you want to. SakuraBoutique. If you’re looking for garment muslimah fashion, they have hijabs, shawls, kaftans, jilbab, underscarves, and many more . visit their website

  1. Japan Branch SakuraBoutique
  2. Europe Branch SakuraBoutique

Darker Than Black 23 aired already. The story getting complicated. With the death of November 11, there goes another skillful contractor. The relationship between Amber and Hei still unclear.Oh Amber is cute But i sense that this series maybe near to an end. maybe around 30++ episode this series will ended.


Amber from episode 22

Several of my friends have commentated that Upin and Ipin are more fabulous and a job well done rather than saladin.  Agree with them. Tomorrow i’ll do the review + screen capture comparison of Saladin and Upin & Ipin. Don’t miss Upin Ipin this friday, saturday and sunday. hoho.

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Sep 2007

3 Responses to : PSP Break-Fast Gathering

  1. Hana says:

    psp lite 700?

    aaaaaaa…. boleh ah beli ngan duit raye tahun nih.


  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    yeah beli hana.. baru sepadan ngan tshirt the raise yg ko beli

  3. mircnet says:

    Psp lite 700? Apa package dalam dia? Ada free game skali ke? :)

    Meh contact kedai tu.

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