10-09: Last Day : Raise @ Singapore

it’s monday, a rainy gloomy day as we have to depart from singapore today.

After packing up our belongings, around 12noon, we depart from Ustaz Andi apartment, Tampines to Jamiyah HQ. But before that, we pay the last visit to Teh Tarik : Muslim Eating House and having our brunch. This is it.. Nasi Lemak Penyet.. hahaha


and after filling our stomach, we go to Jamiyah HQ. to bid farewell. Rest assured, i’m sure i’ll come again to Jamiyah in this year or within this 6 months. Firdaus and Nubhan already check out from their hotel and lepaking at Jamiyah. they gave the kids from jamiyah kindergarten, their Jawi Magazine, entitle Apa Dia?? They also gave a book entitled Khat. maybe related to Calligraphy history. i didnt read the contents of the book.


one thing you can’t miss in singapore, is their cctv.



Then, Mr Zainuddin invites us for a cup of tea. while sharing our thoughts and ideas, he insist that we should stay there longer, so he can bring us to Jamiyah Kindergarten, Orphanage House, Oldies House, Disabled House, Jamiyah Business School and so on. But since we have job to do on tuesday and wednesday. we have to refuse but one thing for sure, we’ll visit singapore another time. perhaps on the launch for Syed’s application for the PSP, maybe demonstrating it in Singapore. ( fuihyooo but for the mean time, it’s private and confidential matters ).

then, we go to Mustafa.. hahahahhahaha.. another shopping spree. we plan to go to sentosa with syed’s cousin but she feeling unwell.

We were invited by lissa that she throwing a bit of farewell feast after maghrib prayer at her house, admiralty drive, sembawang. so after 2 hours at mustafa, we went to her house. her mom cooks some lovely gulai asam ikan, a pappadom, long nuts ( kacang panjang “ahaha” ). firdaus and nubhan already waiting for us there.

and around 930-10, we depart from sembawang, to woodlands border check. now here’s another funny thing.

our autopass, doesnt have enough money inside. then the guy at the counter said that we have to proceed and park to pay for it. so we drive slowly and hoping there’s another checkpoint for us to topup our autopass. slowly we proceed.. until we pass the ‘spikes’, then i realized something.

Where we’re supposed to pay for our Autopass???

now we’re crossing the bridge. and proceed to malaysia Immigration checkpoint. after paying the entry toll, we go to a part where the customs will cehck our belongings. as our hearts beating faster since we realize we’re carrying a lot of tshirt that is taxable, slowly we pass a lane with notice ” 100% customs Checkpoint”. wth. but there’s no one stopping our car till we realize.. that we’re on the main road.

Alhamdulillah. Thank God. all things has been easier for us. Praise to Allah.

then, Nubhan calling us to wait at Terminal Bus Larkin. Last year, 2006, i’ve went there with lomak, efzed, hana and nuwul to send the certificates to Sek Men Teknik Johor Bahru and i was assigned to retrieve some pics inside their library gave the pics to the students that i’ve taken during Sekolah@MMU activities. then, around 12. we have to send lissa back to singapore since there’s no more buses going to singapore to cross the border. with full speed, me, as a navigator, assisting nubhan to send lissa back to her house, sembawang and that time, syed and firdaus going first. our rendezvous point was at machap Rehat & Rawat.

around 3.00, me and nubhan arrive at machap rehat and rawat. then we continue our way back home.

home, at ampang

  • dear jamiyah singapore, thanks for the chances and invitation to the exhibition/
  • dear ustaz andi and kak sinah, thank you for your hospitality.
  • dear lissa, rafi bai and hosni, three of you guys have done an extremely good job.
  • dear mr hasbi, thank you for the trust giving to us in participating this exhibition.
  • dear mr zainuddin and pn aisyah, thanks for the ideas and also the chances to present on the main stage during the expo.
  • dear firdaus and nubhan, we glad we’ve met with you.
  • and to dear aisyah, wani and kak hawa, a very, highly, thank you so much for introducing us to Jamiyah Singapore about The Raise Project.
  • lastly to singaporeans visitor thank you so much!!!
  • oh and dear syed, thanks for being a good partner. i can’t wait to see your application on the psp. ever since IU dinner, your support was tremendous. ( bodek sbb nak jumpa kazen ko jer hahaah )

that’s all for the Raise Singapore Tour ( clicking this link will show you the entry about Raise @ Singapore ) and here is the link to syed ( cuyed ) blog, which also explain about our journey.

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