09-09: Day 6 : Raise @ Singapore

today is the last day of us presenting at Singapore expo.

As usual, the latecomers.. hahaha. so when we arrive, first thing first is to enjoy heavenly food at the meantime in the singapore, which is.. KEBABOOOMM.. yeahh


But now, the seller giving us a free item in return of our support to her kebaboom. ( click click )

She gave us, Bread Pudding.. Yummeh and free of charge!.


while having our scrumptious breakfast,Hijjaz came to perform at the expo. They perform on another designated area, where we find out that the concert seperates male and female. hijjaz launch their new album in conjunction with one ustaz in singapore. the price of the album is 15SGD, same price as our tshirt.


and this time, the most happiest person is firdaus, a big fan of hijjaz

As a surprise, today we were invited to present on the main big stage in front of a lot of visitors. well i think maybe those jamiyah angels ( wani, kak hawa and aisyah ) have taken our picture on stage.. later we will update it. but on the stage, we gave one free tshirt. what that kids do is read and answer whatever syed’s questions. hahahah. a pretty last minute problem.

after that, the audience rushed to our booth. we’re pretty occupied that time. luckily aisyah helps us with Tshirt selling. this day, we’ve selled 15-16 tshirt. Alhamdulillah. they also support our projects. a lot of thanks congrats and goodlucks they gave. i think i want to cry.. sob

ok finish crying.


then at night, as early as 830 pm, jamiyah worker starts to remove all their stuff. so do us. without a doubt, our booth also has become a place for kids. where they gather and having fun while their parents enjoying the food and the performances by guest artiste.


adik sebelah kanan tuh namanye suna apetah.. comel betul.. tp tulah.. jarak umur jauh sangat ah.. aku jadik datuk T dulu la gayanye.

this kid also visit us for the last time. so kind brining us biscuits and water for us. hahaha. in return?? we choke and tease with him..



and that night, we didn’t send firdaus and nubhan to their hotel. because savvy was full of thsirts, and all equipments. i bring a whole of my freya, alongside with delios, and tesla. i need to get a MacBook Pro.. huhu.

that night, we spend the rest of the night to have a good rest. end of day 6 / last day of the expo..

still have another day to update :)

Sep 2007

8 Responses to : 09-09: Day 6 : Raise @ Singapore

  1. boris says:

    haha kalo ko kawen ngn bdak tu mmg jadi datuk aa…datuk K

  2. scorp10n says:

    uuuuuuuu sedapnyer kebab!!!!! slurrrppp!!!!!

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    boris – apsal datuk K.. datuk T la wehhh
    scorp10n – aik orang johor.. rasanye kebaboom neh dekat je ngan ko.. ahahaha.. jb tade ker??

  4. Firdaus says:

    aku mimpiĀ² kebabom…betulĀ² kene penangan kebabom aku neh…aduh…apa nak buek ni…rindu gilo dgn kebabom

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    firdaus – ko rindu kakak tuh ye? jgn marah kitorang dpt bread pudding free wuwuwuw

  6. Firdaus says:

    ade plak rindu akak tu…aku rindu kebabom la…ish ish ish…o dapat mende free tak bagi sama…makan sorang dan sorang lagi

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    apelak.. ko yg sibuk melayan awek2 datang tengok khat.. kitorang gih la makan lapar.

  8. Firdaus says:

    ade ke plak aku yang layan pompuan…bukan korang berdue ke?ampes

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