08-09: Day 5 – Raise @ Singapore

Day 5, it’s a saturday. the third day to present on One World Many Culture exhibition.

Wake up a bit quite late. around 930. and go to fetch firdaus around 1030. he nearly freak out, because it’s quite late. so on the way to fetch him, this is another weird thing at singapore, white-cracking lanes.


WTH is this??

The meaning of white cracking lane is meant no car can stop here to pickup people, things, whatsoever. But why they should design the lane like that?? it’s like cracking .. ahahhaha.

First thing first, when we arrive there, we fill our stomach first. I bought this, char kway sotong. quite tasty.


price… 3.50 SGD ( dont convert ). today, both of us, me and syed, has become the Deejay of the exhibition. haha. so we’re making a lot of announcement to promote the exhibition. Syed also bring his album, Aku Ori Bukan Fotokopi, and ask the main stage Deejay to play that song throughout the expo. nice move indeed to promote Demascus. ( kalau ada edry mesti dia hangin nak naik pentas )


Actually, today saturday, i was supposed to do a presentation on the main stage ( performing stage ) just before the public talk by one famous ustazah from indonesia. but things going wrong, so my presentation was cancelled.

below is the picture, people from malaysia ( asabiyah sungguh )


as you can see, i’m wearing the Raise tshirt in dark blue color, which is quite nice combination also in the dark line of the shirt series.

Firdaus, is the big guy at the back of us, receive a lot of invitation and visit with the help from our deejaying promotion.. hahaha.


this day also, we successfully sell 4 of our tshirt. in addition, around 11 psp has been installed with Al-Quran PSP. nice. there’s one of jamiyah officer who is in charge of orphanage houses. he also have 3-4 unit PSP plus one.. PSP slim that he just bought the day before. wooot. that jamiyah officer explain that two of the psp’s he had is actually for the orphanage. he’s managing the orphan house and that psp is a reward to those kids who behave, got excellent marks in exam, those who perform some special task. they’ll be given one-two hour to spend with the psp. quite a nice idea.

there’s also tremendous response from other crowds, some most notable visitors are mr muhammad Assad, a fashion designer that is the owner of SophieSoChic or Rifq ( he name his company referring to his daughter ), one auntie that is from goverment agencies, mr S.N Azmi, a General Manager from EDN Media ( cybermelayu ) and also this family, who left his psp and then come back.. just to install Al-Quran psp and the Raise Magazine.


syed was busy on the phone with his Jejak Kasih, in search of his relatives in singapore. so that night,we have trouble going out from the parking. since yesterday we successfully using the narrow lane and escape without paying the parking, today there’s a blocker located at that narrow lane. but still, we have been asked by one of the guards with the bicycle to pay for the parking. it’s not that we dont want to pay, but the stupid 7-Eleven inside the expo was closed at 11 o’clock. i thought 7 eleven was suppose to open 24 hours.

then after paying the guards for the fee of his cashcard, we’ve met with syed relatives. Cun giler. Bak kata syed, “ko akan menyesal sbb bukan syed”.. aku ade la menyesal kejap aku bukan syed.. ahhahaha.

so we go out eating at Bedok. Syed’s uncle, Ami Hamid, treat us with big feast. wohoho.

and that makrs the end of Day 5 at singapore, day 3 of the expo.

2 Responses to : 08-09: Day 5 – Raise @ Singapore

  1. Firdaus says:

    salah satu benda yang dibenci syed….tapi aa lagi yang dibenci…lampu bulat warne oren..haha..tak amek ke…

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    tak berkesempatan tangkap gambar lampu kaler oren.. ahaha..

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