07-09: Day 4 – Raise @ Singapore

oh, the second day of the exhibition. it’s friday.

wake up quite late, but luckily we have our car at the apartment. with an overnight pass, we’re only supposed to park and remove the car before 7 but hey, who cares. hahahahhaha. wake up around 9, we go to geylang first to fetch firdaus. and then, three of us heading to the expo.


we have to move our booth the front entrance of the expo since we’re going to be one of the attraction to the exhibition. but when we came there, is a lot of kids competing in coloring competition. below are some pics of them


argh comelnye anak sape niiiii

we’ve also have become the judges for the coloring competition.. haha. well the aspect taken is ( in order ), first is the tidyness, second is the stroke, third is color distribution, and final is color mixing. dsc000142.jpg

Throughout the expo, our favorite food is KEBABOOOM.. ( not tebaboom okay ) the kebaboom is the kebab with chunky beef or chicken. priced at 4 SGD ( dont convert lah ), kebaboom is best valued food we ever had at the expo.


( taken from syed’s motorola )

then after that, since it’s friday, the visitors are a bit much rather than thursday. we’ve also been granted a permission to sell our tshirt at the price of 15 SGD. long sleeve short sleeve same price, thanks to sue for the suggestion, it actually helps the sales when the price is same, since she states some girls maybe hesitated to buy the long sleeve when the price of long sleeve shirts are a bit pricey than the short sleeve and that makes girls will choose the short sleeve.


terhangat di pasaran.

it’s friday, so the day was more fun and joy with the parents bringing their kids that night.both of us, me and syed are having fun entertained everyone who came to our booth and also entertaining the kids.


( taken from syed ‘s motorola )


they have their own psp and now, al-quran psp installed.


oh, we’ve also have an extra demonstrator, aisyah joined us today. she’s indeed have been a big help… by organizing our tshirt.. hihi.


haha this night will be remembered. we didnt pay our parking, 12 SGD. ( please convert hahaha ). it’s not we didnt want to but the sotry like this. okay, we’re less on the balance on the cashcard. so we go to Hall 1, where there’s a big signage writing… Cash Card Topup.. But we can’t find any ( the next day, we found out that the cash card topup machine is only usable if you have credit card, but i don’t have any ). so we go to Hall1 direction and found a very narrow roa, without any obstacle. after folding savvy’s side mirrow, we proceed with no problem and looking for the cashcard topup. Then, without knowing it, we already back on the main road.. without paying the parking fees… miahahahahha.

and after that, that night, after sending firdaus to his hotel, we, mmu students ( me, syed, kak hawa, aisyah, and wani ) have gone to arab street and mustafa to but souvenirs. i ate kacang pool.

we came back to tampines around 2 in the morning.. hohoho

end of day 4 / day 2 of the expo.

2 Responses to : 07-09: Day 4 – Raise @ Singapore

  1. chapan says:

    budak 3 org gamba 3rd last dgn 2nd last tu berbakat jadi budak2 cool masa depan. yeah.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahah chapan mesti ko kecik2 camtuh pastuh ade la abang besar umur 22 tahun wish ko jadik cool gak.. ahha

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