06-09: Day 3 – Raise @ Singapore

we wake up today around 9, without ustaz andi at home. panicked,luckily Jamiyah send us Kak Sinah to fetch us direct to the expo. when we arrive there, there’s still some workers still painting their stuff all those. so we come there and set up our booths. here’s the picture.


our booth is inside the ‘One World Many Cultures’ Exhibition so we also have mascot from different culture. hahaha.


and this is the mascot for our category, Science and Technology.


since we came early and set up the booth very quickly, we go have a breakfast at Halal Food Expo.manage to take pics with these kids since their mom send them to have a coloring contest but it was supposed to be tomorrow, 07-09


then, there’s a visit by Singapore minister. ( i’ll wait for the pics by jamiyah ) after him, the British commissioner in Singapore visit us. Mr Paul Broom. He said that our project is very interesting and he can suggest to UK government if they’ll organize some Islamic-related expo.


( syed lagi.. haih 😛 )

After that, One uncle with his nickname Uncle Z, came to us. According to him, from 10 Muslims family in singapore, 7 of them have at least 1 psp. He has 4 kids and 3 of them have the psp. quite cool. he also stated that MRT, ( singapore train ) is WiFi enabled, the train and the terminal so the ability to synchro/update the magazine using RSS Channel in PSP is pretty useful and he insist me on doing On-Demand application. Hoho.

Uncle Hossain, was a teacher and now he’s a motivator. he said that our magazine has been beautifully designed and arranged ( thanks to faiz, allia, wadah and shareena ) and was able to be a module inside a class. again with rss features, it’s pretty useful in singapore which is already established with WiMax.

Then Mr Issa, One of Jamiyah Officer and resides at Australia, complementing our projects and invites us to present at Australia whenever he have a relate expo.

Around after Afternoon prayer, Ustaz Dahari from Indonesia came and visit our booth. After a few explanation to him on how to use Al-Quran PSP, he was eager to take my psp and then he demonstrates how to use in a prayer. He like the idea of ‘single hand control’ what i programmed, which is i never think about it. I mean i programmed it but i didn’t intend to use it with single hand. He demonstrate, with left hand, since the psp strap is on the left side, using the keypads and also on how to pray, bow, and kneel with a psp. ( i’ll post later a diagram on how to use psp during prayer ).


our neighbour… firdaus.. from calligraphydesign

That day, was an ultra-tiresome day. Around 6, we going out and take a cab from Changi to Jamiyah HQ since syed want to use his car. afterall it’s quite problematic to depend on other’s car. Together with us is Nubhan, we intentionally pick a Hyundai Taxi. ahhaha. that car just out from the shop for just 2 days. first time naik teksi mahal.

around 8, we came back to the expo. since it’s thursday and it’s a working day, there’s not many people visiting.

That’s all for day 3.

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