05-09: Day 2 – Raise @ Singapore Expo ’07

wake up late. maybe because tired of yesterday journey. of course with only 3 hours driving straight from Pandan in KL to Singapore, 380+ km away is tiresome for the driver. wake up around 10-1130 like that. ustaz andi then came and he bring us to the HQ. Syed’s savvy was parked at the jamiyah because we didnt have overnight pass/coupon.


arriving at HQ, i’ve transferred my money to kak hawa account as i dont have any cash to change at money changer at the moment. made a quite big mistake for not bring any cash. because when transfer into maybank.. they charge extra 10cents. haih.


the HQ is situated at Geylang. near the buddhist center. then uncle zainuddin said taht he want to fetch someone and he can send us to geylang maybank. using jamiyah’s van, i’ve withdraw 200sgd ( RM 463 || RM 2.33 ). we’ve went to the nearest mamak stall to have our brunch.


oh.. nasi ayam penyet.. dont ask why it’s penyet.. maybe it’s referring to the tempe penyek.. ahaha the pirce is 4 SGD but i think it’s quite decent.. again.. don’t convert. the price for milo ice is 1.20 SGD. on the geylang street, there’s a preparation for celebrating ramadhan. workers have been putting some cheeful lights and geylang street will be full with cheerful aidilfitri lights this fasting month.


after having brunch, we’ve went to joo shiat … shopping complex maybe and syed changed some money. the rate is more less.. that is 1 SGD is only RM 2.10 .. quite cheap. then realizing we have some time and syed insist on getting handphones, we’ve walk and getting a cab to bedok.


a weird bus.. bus with another cabin.. like LRT. haha. notice the connectors of the two buses.

so we went to bedok. but it’s not too long because syed didnt have enough cash to buy the handphones. we receive a call from HQ saying that we have to go back since they want to to the singapore expo to assemble the exhibition section. so we went back to hq by MRT. we have a problem in buying the tickets but luckily ustaz andi already gave us the ezylink card, like a touch n go card in malaysia. we stop at Kallang station and taking bus no 7.


realizing that we have a problem in going here and there without a car, we make a decision to use the car. lissa, manager + runner tell us to fetch 2 malaysians at caltex nearby the maybank. we’ve met firdaus and nubhan. they’re doing calligraphy for this exhibition.


( picture at the back of singapore expo )

after that, we drove to singapore expo with lissa guidance as navigator inside the car. at that time, 1400, the booth still not finished and has to vacuumed and so on those yada yada things. put our stuff at the safer place, then 4 of us going to sim lim, since lissa suggest to go there as syed was asking where he can get the phones.


then we start to search for the sim lim. this guy who explaining to syed always keep mentioning Locher Road. from bedok, we go to ECP ( East Coast Parkway ) and already lost to what north Port. if we continue, we might be reaching Tuas which is already near the border, linkedua.

taking u-turns at kg baru, i’ve found out it’s not locher Road.. it’s Rochor Road. getting there after that was a tad easy, thanks to the map given by ustaz andi. picture above was taken at the spot before Marina junction. just somewhat after ERP scanner. dont ask me what is ERP.. i forget already. long story cut short.. we reached sim lim square.


here, sim lim is the heaven for geeks and nerds, and also photographers. the item here was superbly cheap. it’s like lowyat in malaysia. the arrangement also same. top floor was full with PC equipments. second floor was full with handphones. but here there’s no second hand phones. frustrated, ( because of the limited budget ) , we go back to bedok where we got a very nice deal before this.


we go back to the same shop, named H2 HUB. the guy named lawrence was kind enough. another chinese guy i didnt know his name. lawrence give suggestion to syed on what phone he should buy with limited budget. finally for just 250 SGD, syed got what he wants, motorola Z3. altogether with 1gb cards. four of us also register our singapore number. we’ve registered Starhub prepaid, which is i find it is very cheap to make calls to malaysia. ( again dont convert ).


( both of them surprised that phoebe ( psp ) got a camera and give it a try )

and so after that we going abck again to the expo hall and find it still unprepared. so we go back and this is what i found on the way. taxi with a gas tank 😛


i forget who tell me, either wani or aisyah, but this taxi has a gas tank logo, Union, because union companies originally just selling gas. and now that they acquire taxi service, it’s quite cool. ( apekah coolnye tong gas.. dasar foreigner jakun hahahah )


we go back and send firdaus and nubhan to their hotel, at onan road, hotel 81 : Tristar. just above the Teh Tarik : Muslim Eating House. so we take our dinner and i have my chicken porridge for 3 SGD and iced coffee dinosaur for 2sgd.

then heading back to HQ, park our car and wait for ustaz andi till he finish his job.

end of day 1.

4 Responses to : 05-09: Day 2 – Raise @ Singapore Expo ’07

  1. Shareena says:

    wah,..syokness. best lah anda tekong. dpt lagi jenjln kat spore.

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    huhu tak puas jenjalan sebenanye.. nak gih sentosaaaaaa

  3. Firdaus says:

    bestlah ada tekong…jadi bermakna hidup aku

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    hoh geli siut

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