04-09:Arriving Day – Raise @ Singapore

okay.. i think i have enough pictures to wrote about the expo.. so i start to update it slowly.


we’re speeding, rushing to singapore. it only takes 3-4 hours .. oho with savvy syed and syed as the driver.


syed was putting the printouts for the raise documentations while waiting for our tourguide.


we’ve been greeted by two person. uncle selamat and uncle salleh. the picture above is the picture at immigration point/malaysia. when entering singapore, i can’t take any picture because it has been warned not to take any photos. furthermore, they have spikes ( the one that will poke into your car tires if you’re speeding in need for speed ) so after going some checkups and also registering autopass for syed’s savvy. we enter singapore.. with syed’s savvy.

then uncle selamat left away leaving us with uncle salleh. we were told that we’re going to stay with ustaz andi or as i remembered, ustaz andi abdul kadir bin andi kitta. his house at Tampines, block 246. on the way, aisyah ( ecah ), mmu VR student who having practical at jamiyah singapore call us to tell that we have to go to jamiyah headquarters.


then ustaz andi invite us and the mmu students, aisyah, wani and kak hawa for a late supper. we went to teh tarik house at onan road, geylang. at first, seeing the price is quite… surprising but thanks to sue that always remind me to NOT TO CONVERT the price to malaysian ringgit.. hahahahha.


see the price.. hahahah.. again.. DONT CONVERT!


and the first food i have at singapore is beef fried rice and dinosaur iced coffee.. pretty satisfying.

after that, we went back to hq since ustaz andi have to do some video translation. we stay at hq till 3-4 pm then going to ustaz andi home. we’re staying there for the rest of our visit here to singapore.

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5 Responses to : 04-09:Arriving Day – Raise @ Singapore

  1. hafreze says:

    giler best..smpi hati ko tknak employ aku..isk3…

  2. megat says:

    cam best!? bila dpt jenjalan lagi :(

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    hafreze – employ… kan dah cakap… send resume
    megat – entahla bila dpt lagi peluang wiuiwuiwuw

  4. hafreze says:

    haha..nnti laa..aku sem3 gamma aku send resume kat ko..psl sem 1 delta aku kene wat internship..ekeke..nnti akan ku bincangkan di ym..ekekeke

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    oih tak main ym.. dlm company aku ade lagi 2 bos.. campur aku 3 bos. sorry to say

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