Hundred ways to love person in front of PC.

Last night i was chatting with my juniors and we came up with several tips on how to love person who usually in front of PC. it doesn’t matter if the person is male or female. but below are things that should cheer them up and yes, giving them some love. but first thing first, make sure he/she is in the right mood/not too tension/a bit tired and also he/she is not playing crucial games ( like counter-strike or during Player vs Player in MMORPG ) or you could be beaten like this ( see the links )

  1. make them their favorite drinks
  2. come from behind, close their eyes, and whisper to them “your eyes need some rest”
  3. grab their arm, control their mouse, and play some aerobic songs. and said “every 1 hour you need to relax your body and move it”
  4. if he/she ignoring your ym’s, send them some sms. it works.
  5. if he/she sleeping or snoozing, if you able to carry them to bed, then do it. if not, put a blanket on him/her.
  6. if he/she sleeping in a wrong posture, correct their position
  7. if you think it’s the right time, doodle up some smileys directly. use YM.
  8. make wallpapers for them. and if you’re also good with programming skills, make some personal widget for them. so they can put it on their desktop like their rainlendar.
  9. if they using a chair with a wheel, grab that chair and move it. perhaps move it to the dining room or move it straight to the car. like pushing a wheelchair.
  10. grab another chair, and sit beside him/her. but make sure they’re comfortable with it. ( some may feel uncomfortable for letting you see they mess up with codes/works in front pc )
  11. give them cute deskmates. plushies, paperclips, stationery organizer, paperweight, mousepad, art rest and many more. a mug can also inspire them.
  12. made a cute note/drawing,ask them to paste on the wall or put near the pc, and write on it ” stare here when you’re tired” or “call me, for you i’m always here”
  13. buy a webcam/headset with a microphone so you could talk. you can even sing their favorite song to them.
  14. come from behind, hug them.
  15. steal their components, important components.. like their wireless mouse, Apple Remote, but don’t steal their power source.
  16. order them a pizza.. yummy
  17. quite nasty, play with the chair adjuster, and you’ll see them going down. ( the stuff that adjust the height of a chair)
  18. if suddenly their music player playing some nice songs, come to them, invite them to dance.
  19. if you’re happen to have a same console with him/her (psp, nds) invite them for a round. or just give them a PS3 controller and ask for a round or 2 casual games. ( don’t play serious games )
  20. if you’ve have kids, tell your kids to draw their ( the one in front pc ) picture, or dress like a football fanatics with headband “we love you mom/dad” ( gile ahhh ahahhah )

well more to add later hahaha. disclaimer : i’ll not be responsible to the consequences happen after that. as i said before, if it’s at the right time and mood, they’ll surely appreciate it. #15 quite tricky. Saw that before.

some of them you’ve might read it before. but plenty of them are both of our ideas. so feel free to copy it.. link back ya 😛

Darker Than Black 21 already out. check it out ya.

I sense storms of comments/criticism are coming towards Saladin – The Animated Series made by MDEC. But i’ll reserve them before watching the episode 2.

hope i can see the fireworks tonight. or have to wait until the 100th malaysian independence day. haha macam umur panjang je. i dont think i live that long.

Ramadhan, another 11 days. Singapore, just 2 days.

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Sep 2007

7 Responses to : Hundred ways to love person in front of PC.

  1. manchurr says:

    wahhh! bagus info ni.. nak bg bakal bini aku la haha..

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    haa bagik bagik. nih baru part 1.. woahaoahoaha

  3. muhdzahari says:

    sekarang ni tengah tunggu orang buatkan milo ais..haha
    saje nak merayap2 kat sini 😀

  4. dott-com says:

    Bagus info ko-ader jg cara nak tunjuk love dpan PC..x tak tepikir aku smpe ke situ…

  5. mohdismail says:

    aku harap.. akan ada seseorang buat begini.. pada aku… suatu hari.. nanti…

    *ha ha ha

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    muhdzahari – ohh kaki rayapp.. ahehehe.. harapnye entry ini dpt menceriakan anda, dan juga mereka yg tersayang.

    dott-com = well.. ade lagi 80 muahahhaha. tp ye la.. slalu org fowed tips tips cinta nih cam bodo bodo .. mandi hujan sesame la.. karang sesema sape susah.. nih .. tips berguna utk bloggers/programmers/ nerds and geeks perhaps. yeyeh

  7. ikhwan nazri says:

    ala mail nnt ade punyerrrr..

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