Merdeka! Happy 50th Independence Day

Dear Malaysia.. happy 50th independence day. Thank god for the blessing and peace He gave to this country.


This year, i cant see any fireworks at KL.. maybe all fireworks have gone to putrajaya… aih whenla want to go to putrajaya to watch the fireworks competition.. huhu

Just less than a week before going to singapore. now i’m rushing to finish The Raise Interactive CD which will be given to one of the expo activities. we’re not making it as will be for display only and the organizers have a side activities which they ask three copies from us to make it a special gift alongside their prizes.

Aishah, ( ecah, eisya ) which is a former High Comittee from Usrah institution who now having internship at singapore told me that singapore radio stations mentioning The Raise Project : Islamic Content for PlayStation Portable ( Al-Quran for PSP ) was among the attraction to the exhibition. It’s been aired for this whole week.

Whoa. Gulp.

Check out this this new site by Josh Lim. in 2006 he start and this year.. is created for Malaysia’s creative communities and independent content publishers to express their love to their country.

Well some of the links still not active. Maybe they still not launching it yet. but seeing the website ( ) being promoted at advertlets weblogs, it should be prepared and ready to receive a visit.

IMPORTANT : – Just check out the website again.. they have this thing.. send your faces so they make it as a flags.. limited to 5000 person.. be fast to grab the nice color and spots.

Lastly, check out the sneak peek.. at our DVD cover of The Raise Project Interactive CD. WOOT

Thanks to ummahfilms for the permission to distribute their ‘psp-encoded version’ of their islamic video documentary.

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Aug 2007

2 Responses to : Merdeka! Happy 50th Independence Day

  1. Fahmishah says:

    Mendeka! Mendeka.! aku sudah pon hantar gambar..

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    haha ko dah antar gambar ko amek kaler ape? takpe banyak tuh 5k tuh.. mesti banyak kosong lagi

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