Masapun Berlalu Disitu

Rumpun ’07 is quite a big vibe and hit among malay bloggers this week. no wonder, i think it’s among the malay gathering and furthermore can also see representative of different tribes and groups like persetankan, blogmas, scukz and MMU ( bengong yus ngaku MMU haha )

today, got a message from rinakeiko. she need help to buy a news paper for her as her place didnt sell nst newspaper. but not just an ordinary news paper.. it’s the Straits Times independence edition. i i go to one mamak bookshop and grab 2 copies of it.

and below.. are the shots taken by my phoebe’s chotto shot. i wonder how our elders live at that era.


The front page

picture bombardment.. click moree


cigarettes advertisement still permissable


shell lubricant ads. see the overlapping tires and cars.


discount at bata shops.. oh today oso got discount more than that πŸ˜›


shortest international news.. in 5 lines, 2 statements


the coolness… dual-controlled cars… hahahahahaha

just now coming back from the mamak bookshop.. saw a lot of indon people at muslim cemetery paying their last visit to their deceased friend.. what’s extraordinary is the quantity of the visitors/ friends. this is something.

i’ve chat wih some indon works long time ago.. they face hardship and suffering to enter malaysia. at first they’ll going a selection. they didnt inform their families. and then when riding immigrants boats, if get caught, escape is the first option. when escaping, you might getting drowned. some of their friends dead in the sea. and some survives.

and my grand-grand-grandfather also doing it that way. from tanah jawa ( java ). but i forgot which tribe i belong to. i mean some got madura, some also got jawa tak makan banjir πŸ˜›

and they came to work. and every indons in malaysia are relatives even they are not by blood. that’s why they re-united when something big happens. actually not only death, but if they organize a kenduri, a feast, you’ll surprised to see a lot of immigrants coming to the feast.

maybe the malaysian students at oversea also friendly and have unity like this. it’s a good thing you know when you’re far away from your homeland. someone you can cling onto. actually almost anyone who study oversea are like that. iranian at uia, mmu foreigner.. altough not attached by blood, but this is what they have.

and even in islam, we’re all brotherhood and relatives without no discrimination on race, skin colors, language spoken, firmware edition and Operating Systems used.

Chasing the place their dream of. the place where all the immigrants/gaijins/oversea students wanted so much.

maybe as for people in malaysia.. if they didnt dream far.. they dream of Kuala Lumpur at least.

And this song that i’m listeing right now.. is full of mixed emotions.

Harmony + Peace + the complexity of the tunes you heard, equals Kuala Lumpur.

– Kuala Lumpur : Hujan

dari jauh cari rezeki
halal di mamah teknologi
dari jauh datang tuntut ilmu
jaga langkah mu sini banyak penipu

bila lalai di awangan
melayang tanpa graviti
masapun berlalu disitu

kuala lumpur – kuala lumpur
indah tak terkata
kuala lumpur – kuala lumpur
engkau kian tercemar – biar pun kau begitu, hanya kau lah destinasi ku

sangat sesak tranportasi
LRT ataupun TEKSI
murah murah mata rambang
penjenayah banyak peluang

bila lalai di awangan
melayang tanpa graviti
masapun berlalu disitu

kuala lumpur – kuala lumpur
indah tak terkata
kuala lumpur – kuala lumpur
engkau kian tercemar – biar pun kau begitu, hanya kau lah destinasi ku

visit their website here.

( thx hujan sbb lagu anda sangat bes.. weekend yg lepas dengan lagu ini adelah menggembirakan )

okay… baru nak pergi kerja.. ofis aku leh masuk sesuka hati tp asalkan kerja siap. itulah salah satu kebebasan yang dikecapi buat masa ini.

Song At The Moment: hujan – 02 kuala lumpur [foobar2000 v0.9.4.3]
via FoxyTunes

Aug 2007

7 Responses to : Masapun Berlalu Disitu

  1. Diana says:

    Orchard road ni tak silap aku kat singapura… Kira news straits times ni kluar masa singapura masih bersatu dgn malaysia. Gilaaa antik ….. mana ko dapat paper lama ni πŸ˜›

  2. sarakay says:

    Aku berjaya beli!! HO YEAH!!

    *baru balik dr kedai*

  3. ikhwan nazri says:

    wah gileah bapak petang baru beli.. tape tape.. ahaha

  4. hafreze says:

    aku pn dh tgk paper td..tak sangka..ovaltine dlu2 dh ade..hahahaa

  5. ikhwan nazri says:

    hahaha ovaltine dulu camna la rasa

  6. Armand Stops says:

    Great post mate! Where’s the subscribe button? Haha

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