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For an extremely loyal internet user, this is what they shout when they ehar this news. streamyx service interruption. SPARTAAA!!!!!


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We regret to inform our customers that TM will be performing system maintenance to upgrade our network from 22nd August 2007 to 24th August 2007, from 12:00 midnight till 6:00 a.m in the Klang Valley area.

Customers in Klang Valley may experience some service interruptions during the affected period. All our services will be back to normal after this time.

TM apologizes for any inconvenience caused but at the same time, we would like to assure you that we are upgrading our service to serve you better.

Customers can contact TM Contact Centre at 100 or email us at: for any related problems.

Thank You


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And playing counter-stirke at this time will result in slow-motion action. seriously. you can see people flew when hit by the grenade frame by frame. haha.


Song At The Moment: David Holmes – [OST – Ocean’s Thirteen #01] Not Their Fight [foobar2000 v0.9.4.3]
via FoxyTunes

( Recommended song of the week. Ocean’s series )


Aug 2007

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