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last time, i do state that me and rahmat live in the dark era of cyberjaya, where we live a week in ‘buangan’. both of us have personal problems. so end up staying in my room at the hostel. without electricity ( but there’s an emergency plug ). haha. in the night, we have to use aminlife’s ikea spotlight lamp to light up the area. but we have to ‘bounce’ the light so our room that is covered with curtain at the window cant be spotted by the warden. with rahmat and me having less than RM 30, we really need to save our budget daily.

that time, is the starting time of al-Quran for PSP application. after proposing to usrah institution, i start to develop the prototype that i work before. that prototype has been viewed and tested by someone, sabau, najib, syazwan, aaeem. satisfied with early testing and the permission, i start to sort out surah and also, start calling all of the Bureau of Information and Promotion members, asking them if they’d like to volunteer.

that week, we survive it.

it’s two more weeks before im going to singapore?

wait a minute.. SINGAPORE?? ( macam la jauh sangat, click more )

okok.. cool down.. Alhamdulillah ( Thank God ) , I was invited to present at the One World Many Cultures Exhibition: A Journey of Discovery 6-9 September 2007 Singapore Expo-Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 6, that organized by Jamiyah Singapore. Jamiyah Singapore is an islamic organization which its activities encompass various educational, religious, welfare and social programmes. ( More about Jamiyah Singapore here ). Under science and technology category, we’re invited to present Al-Quran for PlayStation Portable and also The Raise Project which is concentrating giving information using PlayStation Portable as a medium.

Now why is it so interesting?? an islamic content in a playstation portable?

It is because, as a matter of fact, i realize there’s a lacking in this area. Games. kids as early as 4 years old are being exposed to games.Anum start playing locoroco last year, at the age of 6. I even start playing Micro Genius at 6 years old.  at that age, i find that micro genius are more interesting rather than usual toys. btw i also do play konda kondi, polis sentri and all those. but u know the matter is the content. sheikh yusuf estes is documentating his speeches and classes professionally, baba ali contribute his brilliant idea by creative presentation via ummahfilms, yusuf islam and aashiq ar-rasul striving their guts in perfomance.. all of them using their expertise in spreading and giving information about islam. while i find i can contribute something in gaming world. The content is still the same.

as stated in the january edition of HWM ( Hardware Magazine ) Malaysia, the year of 2007 is all about the content, where the user is always looking for the content. that’s why we see the emergence of website user-driven content such as Youtube, Flickr, myspace and so on, including blog, wordpress. all people wanted to see is the content.

back to the islamic content, i realize there’s a lack of islamic content delivered to the interesting experimental medium.. games. a field where i would like to experiment and research, how can you deliver islamic content via games.  thanks to ehsan, he really have a creative idea of presenting it via games. and in this part, where we need a help from ustaz, ustazah, islamic scholars to deliver their point of view or opinion , and guidance even better to ensure the content can be delivered smoothly.

if you’re happen to be around singapore at that time, do visit us ya.  we’ll be selling The Raise T-Shirt. there will be a new design ( hopefully if we can print it on time ) again the details

One World Many Cultures Exhibition: A Journey of Discovery 6-9 September 2007 Singapore Expo-Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 6,

yeah i know it’s just a singapore. just nearby. but this is a big step, in the raise project. wish us luck. im going with syed huzaifah.

btw another interesting event is going along with it.Games Convention Asia will be held at the Singapore. Might visit them to promote the raise hehe.

now addicted with robin thicke. my officemate kept playing this song over and over again till i’m poisoned with it.

Song At The Moment: Robin Thicke – [Beautiful World #08] Brand New Jones [foobar2000 v0.9.4.3]
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Aug 2007

7 Responses to : content, content, content

  1. bambie says:

    uiitt…nak dtg temasik ek…;)) welcome2

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    temasik ker tuh? pulau temasik?? hehe.. weh bawak aku gih games convention asia leh tak?

  3. bambie says:

    temasik tuh…..jiran indon..wakakak…weh….games convention tuh…6-9 september yang kat suntec eh?ko cek arr alamat die..aa..nanti aku tolong jadik ko nyer pemandu pelancong….upah kire kemdian..wakakakaa

  4. Fahmishah says:

    jgn lupa bawak buah tangan bile balik

  5. snowwie says:

    weeeeee… singapore. call me ya when u’r here :d

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    bambie – haha sempat ker nak pergi.. jaga expo nih mesti sampai tengah malam..

    fahmishah – buah penumbuk boleh? hahaha ( tengokla kalau sempat jenjalan 😛 )

    snowwie – belanja me sushiii

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