Cornflake !

ya lagu konflick oleh komplot sedap bagaikan cornflake. and life is full of conflict.


congratulations to all graduates. the convocation day does mean the end of your studying days at mmu, but please realize that the life itself is a whole of learning process. So don’t stop learning. ( kaki bakar statement, always love to spoil the mood :p )

Thanks to HICOM DJ Club for the cards. DJ Club Rocks!!

done something quite big today. since three of us taking a big leap, everyday we have to take a big step. Just a matter if we fall or not, we have to get back on the track.
on the way to hotel grand continental, nirpad from Nepal chicken out riding a motorcycle with me. everytime i celah sana celah sini passing through the narrow passage between cars do freak him a bit, same like Josh at his first time riding a motorcycle.

Here’s an idea for Fear Factor Malaysia. make all the participant to ride with a rempit/pizza/domino/mcd dispatcher. they’ll sure chicken out. have the pizza/mcd/dispatcher to selit sana selit sini while riding with rempits require them to balance the motor or doing some extremely action that dont-try-this-at-home type of action.haha.

when you jump over a huge challenge, there’ll always a risk. hardships coming through and you need support.

‘ jangan difikirkan tekanan’
‘ fikirkan penyelesaian ‘

thanks C343, the first line really hits me hard and straight. really mean it. thanks again.

Biar semuanya indah

NOTE : bebudak SAMTEN, jom gih alumni dinner 25hb nih.. malam.

NOTE: Gathering utk blogger tp dlm bahasa melayu ( kira kalau blog korang tulis dlm bahasa melayu.. ha join gath yg nih) 25 hb gak. Ditaja oleh Happypeoplemedia dan juga advertlets

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Aug 2007

2 Responses to : Cornflake !

  1. hellmy says:

    gambar ngan aku mana?!!
    buat penat pakai baju warna pink

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    ade ade.. nnt aku send.. wehehe

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