I think, the soccer player have to watch naruto before going to the field. Why? it’s because, from naruto, an interesting theory was introduced. That is, in Naruto, they have countries and yet, hidden/ ninja village. every year, there will be a ninja exam where during the exam, they’ll fight to the death. And this exam, actually is a spin-off, have to do things to replace the war between hidden/ninja village. In this exam also, the ninja will be a representative to show their hidden village strength in ninja world. Their loss in the battle reflects the weaknesses in their ninja teachings and strength as a whole army.
Take it like this.

The soccer player, is a representative to show their country strength, in many terms, including morality,nationality, patriotism, and all those you can insert here.

Actually it’s not only the soccer player, almost all human, all citizen.

My life’s changed, definitely.

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Today i’ve went to KL City Bazaar in front of Pertama Complex. We have a WIFI party there. There about 4 games that is Metal Gear Solid : Portable Ops (mgspo), Killzone : Liberation, MACH, and also Monster Hunter Portable. I cant play killzone and monster hunter due to region conflict, but do have fun time playing mgspo and MACH. Bernard from Gamers Solution was extremely nice by donating us some stuff as the lucky draw. i got a PSP-Leather Pouch. wohooo. but it’s not quite useful since i have Hori Portable Pouch. Anyone want?

Finished playing Valkyrie Profile : Lenneth. a pretty amazing game indeed. a unique concept was introduced. and i don’t know what game i wanted to play after this.

last friday i’ve went to mmu to settle up with robe renting, smart card activation, and yada yada. met some friends. and how i miss the 4 years of memory with them. there are a lot of stories indeed.


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time, wont leave as i am

time, wont take the boy out of mine.

Living a life as a fulltime freelancer is really interesting 😛
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Aug 2007

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