2 years back in Beta.. Trimester three

Last 2 years, when i was on Beta ( 1st year of degree ), I remember doing Maya Assignment. There’s an assignment called Dynamics. you have to model your lane, railway, manipulating the friction and gravity and sooo on too many settings on maya, and animate it using physics.The hammer will knock the ball and the ball will animate itself, later it will slam the door, sliding through cone and whatever. That time, my roomate is syawal and sabau. The problem is everytime i change the setting and add a new item, like railway, door, the animation sure change. Since it is dynamics, there’s no keyframing needed to the animation.

It’s almost 3-4 hours i sat on the chair, thinking why it gone wrong. Sabau was sleeping because his pc too slow to use maya so he need me to finish mine and syawal facing his problem also with Maya and waiting for my assistance and instruction. So the tense is growing up. Around 4-5 Syazwanimator wakeup and go to our room. “hey, after finish all the dynamics setting, you have to BAKE your simulation.”

After syazwan ‘baking’ my simulation. he went out. and i went berserk.. like this guy below

Syawal, in that midst, was amaze and terrified, with my sudden action. The action is on 4:25 or at the time remaining : 0.10 around that on the above youtube video.

Song at the moment = Konflik : Komplot ( dah hafal lirik dah )

Aug 2007

5 Responses to : 2 years back in Beta.. Trimester three

  1. miszx_ila says:

    uyo…cam tu skali ko jadik wei?..that guy mmg x bley kawal dh.cam tu eh fanatik CS?

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    haah camtuh.. tp aku time tuh wat maya bukan main cs 😛

  3. Bayangkan kalau Tekong masuk FA dan terpaksa berdepan dengan MAYA selalu. Tidak tak pasal2 je dia lari bogel sambil menjerit2 sekitar MMU time final presentation. hahahaha

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    pas penat lari bogel berak dlm studio FA hahahaha

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