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Free the Media

In the previous episode, we have been exposed to the predicaments in the media, how it is manipulated and used to deceive facts and news regarding Islam. I would now like to delve further into it, how we can free the media.

The most important media source has always been the printed media. Until now, there has been a great deal of Islamic literature, posters, illustrated children’s books about Islam, and renowned Arabic calligraphy all over the world. Although there is an abundance of these printed media sources, we still need to add and increase new ideas and innovations to convey these information to promote children’s interest to become conversant with the knowledge of Islam. The newest Islamic graphic media revolution is the AerosolArabic, which is the collaboration of the art of calligraphy and graffiti. Messages in graphic forms are drawn onto walls in an artistic graffiti manner that will certainly attract many and is capable of being a good medium to communicate messages.

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The next source is the broadcast media like dramas, documentaries, animation, television programs, and even films. In this industry, I will not refute that the participation of Muslims is still undersized although its influence is immense in forming ideologies in the audiences’ minds. Amongst the prominent names in the endeavour of the production of these media in an Islamic approach are UmmahFilms, The 1 Islamproduction, and also Saba Islamic Media. Thus far, animations concerning Islam itself can be counted with the fingers on our hands, excluding educational cartoons for children. The animation “Muhammad, The Last Prophet” is an example of an appropriate broadcast media for all ages to chronicle our prophet’s life. Regrettably, the quantity of films produced out there is even more diminutive.Did you know that in the Badar war, our prophet Muhammad S.A.W fought with only an army of 313 people? What will happen if that particular account is crafted into a film? It may defeat the film 300’s grandeur. Our prophet’s accounts are, after all, true stories right? It is all authentic. Why are such stories not filmed? Precepts? Muslim scholars and artists need to sit at the same table instead of live in two completely different worlds. This is where they can utilize their expertise and through this, film producers get to abide by precepts whilst conveying information. A simple solution that can be thought of is thereshould not be a necessity to use literal characters and historical subjects in Rasulullah’s epoch with facts, but just merely adapting the true stories as storylines with other fictional characters and historical subjects as a substitute. The Exorcism of Emily Rose is an example of a film that adapted the factual account of Anneliese Michel’s exorcism. There are plenty of stories from the al-Quran that can be an inspiration to produce such films.


Video and contemporary games are indisputably a division to the media. The same situation with films, Muslims are not really paying heed to them. The emergence of Mecca to Medina from has lucratively opened the eyes of Muslims in the United States of America, albeit more than half of the consumers of the game are non-Muslims. Who says we are not able to convey information regarding Islam through games? There are many video games out there that spread and also explain the European histories, the Romanian Norse world myth, and many more. And in regards to Islam? None at all. Even if there is, it is certainly not as popular as Age of Empires, Rome Total War, or even Ragnarok.

Why is this so? What if the media that governs us distributes their own propagandas? We are like preys that can effortlessly be assailed from every direction whilst our weapons are being dominated by the enemies. Why can’t we free the media from them? Why can’t we augment our own media sources? Do not blame others when we ourselves are not doing our job. Here lies the responsibility to those who are aware and attentive.

Islam is an apt field of study throughout the era. The important thing is the enhancement and ingenuity of the communication and transmission of its knowledge. It can also be evolved to become a missionary medium that will draw many more people by its approach. Aerosol Arabic and also Mecca to Medina are two brilliant examples at present. Video documentaries such as Syeikh Yusuf Estes’ sermons that are produced in DVD-formats also exhibit the Muslims’ professionalism. This is where the involvement of those in the creative industries, who are never short of new, innovative ideas, should be a stimulation and incentive to other Muslims.

Other Muslims that have been gifted with the knack in this area of specialty by Allah should collaborate and pool resources to rise and emerge. The involvement of the public who are not in the creative industries lies in the missionary methods that are always fresh and vibrant with ideas. Provide them ideas, opinions, and wisdom, and furthermore, assist them in whichever way possible, either physically or mentally. The missionary crusade is not just about inks and swords, in fact, there are still numerous ways to offer our expertise to those in the creative field even if we are not proficient in that field. An Ustaz, for example, would probably not know anything in regards to filmmaking but with his in-depth knowledge and understanding of Islam itself, he can be the referential source to a particular film production.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all Muslims are affiliated? In a Rasulullah s.a.w saying, he epitomized us as a building. We all have our own functionality and role, like our body; a body is not complete without hands, legs, or mind control.

As a conclusion, what is important to us Muslims is we need to also diverse and vary our methods of dissemination and communication of Islamic knowledge. Domination in multiple fields including multimedia is very important because in this era, multimedia sources are everything. If we are inept for the field, providing support towards it would suffice. We could also utilize our hobbies and interest to spread Islam by comprehending the surrounding reality in missionary and propagation.

Islam is comprehensive and all-embracing, only we are left to look for ways and propagate with effective and efficient methods.

Written by: Ikhwan Nazri Bin Mohd Asran
Supervised, and checked by: Edry Faisal bin Eddy Yusuf
Superbly translated by: Nur Ashikin Ismail

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