High heel runaway

I warn you, this entry is a long entry. it’s been 5 days i didnt update the blog.

Alhamdulillah International Islamic Fair 2007 was quite a blast. Working in an event which is on international level was a lot more tougher ( + scarier ) than university level. Thanks for the experience gained in mmu before, i was able to deliver the work given by them, as a secretariat. Perhaps next year if i still alive, i join the event again. I just can’t wait to meet with them again. perhaps today, if there’s a post mortem where we’ll shooting each other to improve in the future.


so cute. jabar is not cute.. hahah

click moreeeee


Do it for the ummah.

now waiting for more pictures from sirat.

there’s a visitor who approach me. and asking what device am i using. and i show my phoebe to him. he like it pretty much. and i presented the raise project to him. we’ve even gotten deeper in conversation. things as technology in islam, the need of the revolution in islamic media and so on. hi’s from africa but stayed in malaysia for about 10 years already. He also love the article written and composed by mawaddah, entitled Father’s and Mother’s day celebration in Islam. he do admit that it’s a ‘khilaf’ but he really agree and said that he also practice it, since he’s far away from his parents.

thank god that i met him..

tadi masa turun lunch ngan officemate, ade abang jual nasik campur sedap kat tempat parking kat tempat kerja nih tegur… camnih ayat dia.. dia tengah sembang apetah ngan kawan dia.. pastuh

  • abg tuh : … ( tiba tiba dari perbualan derang ). ko tengok budak nih.. baju dia lagi lawa. playstation islamik tuu
  • aku : aaa???
  • abg tuh : abg mana beli baju nih.. gempak betul.. budak UIA eh ??
  • aku : aa apekah.. saya budak mmu jer.
  • abg tuh : ooo.. ingat budak UIA.. ini playstation islamik amende ni ? ( dia tak tengok belakang baju lagik )
  • aku : oh.. inila al-quran for psp.. dan macam macam lagik.
  • abg tuh : gempak gempak.. nama abang faizal.. meh ko citer sikit amende nih
  • … aku pun demokanla the raise project kat dia

Alhamdulillah. sambutan makin hangat nampaknya. kena kerja lagi keras la.

just now coming back from dinner with al-Quran for PSP team. only 5 of them are present. 4 more can’t come because of their commitment in the next event in convofest. well wish them luck. here are some pics


muka sebelum mentekedarah


tengok.. dah habis makan biar camnih


without them, i might still copying the translation form quran.al-islam.com

dats all for now. oh. i’ve got some new companions. they’re Tesla, Sandy Kruzy and Sief Kardi. Now i have a quite nice sound systems. last time the white 9 years old-speaker already being misplaced and i think MMU hostel cleaners take them already.His perfomance was very good even without a subwoofer. but with tesla, i can blast more. the last transcend also lost during Friends of Future Programme. I just hope they can find it back and i can give it to my father. talk about CF card, taking lotsa picture require a bigga cf card. i just have one 128 mb so it will not help much. btw i still didnt have camera. T-T

Song at the moment : high Heel Runaway ( Darker Than Black OST. )

Aug 2007

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