Merdeka! Happy 50th Independence Day

Dear Malaysia.. happy 50th independence day. Thank god for the blessing and peace He gave to this country.


This year, i cant see any fireworks at KL.. maybe all fireworks have gone to putrajaya… aih whenla want to go to putrajaya to watch the fireworks competition.. huhu

Just less than a week before going to singapore. now i’m rushing to finish The Raise Interactive CD which will be given to one of the expo activities. we’re not making it as will be for display only and the organizers have a side activities which they ask three copies from us to make it a special gift alongside their prizes.

Aishah, ( ecah, eisya ) which is a former High Comittee from Usrah institution who now having internship at singapore told me that singapore radio stations mentioning The Raise Project : Islamic Content for PlayStation Portable ( Al-Quran for PSP ) was among the attraction to the exhibition. It’s been aired for this whole week.

Whoa. Gulp.

Check out this this new site by Josh Lim. in 2006 he start and this year.. is created for Malaysia’s creative communities and independent content publishers to express their love to their country.

Well some of the links still not active. Maybe they still not launching it yet. but seeing the website ( ) being promoted at advertlets weblogs, it should be prepared and ready to receive a visit.

IMPORTANT : – Just check out the website again.. they have this thing.. send your faces so they make it as a flags.. limited to 5000 person.. be fast to grab the nice color and spots.

Lastly, check out the sneak peek.. at our DVD cover of The Raise Project Interactive CD. WOOT

Thanks to ummahfilms for the permission to distribute their ‘psp-encoded version’ of their islamic video documentary.

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Aug 2007

Tagged : 5 Things which is unknown by public

tagged by catzer in her recent post. Met her during rumpun. the one small specky girl ( am i correct? ) who politely ask for way back then at pelita.

so 5 things which is unknown by public.

  1. I am actually a hard-headed, stubborn, and easily snapped. Seriously. Just i think that now i manage to keep my temper down unlike the younger days.
  2. The reason i always use my own ‘sound effects’ or quoting dialogs when explaining/chatting/talk maybe because the fact that i’m easily remember any parts/acts from movies I like.
  3. Once upon a time in Tadika Bakti, Bank Negara Malaysia, i was playing lego in a wrong way.  The students were required to build like building or assembling from the manuals. What i build is like a wheel and there’s a handler. what’s more is i hold the handler and in a circular motion ( like i want to slap/tempeleng/backhand), i use my arm like a gear, and move the wheel and i’ve designed so the wheel can easily detach from the handler. So ‘daya emparan dari pergerakan ayunan tangan akan membuatkan roda itu terkeluar dari pemegangnya dan bergerak atas satu garisan yg lurus sehinggalah ia kehilangan kelajuannya dan tumbang ketepi’. HAH!
  4. During Tamiya season, which is i think during standard 5, after distributing flyers in my home areas, my father gave me and my second brother the ice-hockey stick like in the dash yonkuro. waahahaha
  5. I come from another planet and taking a human form ( – my current officemate always said like that.. haha )

Now I’m tagging another rumpun participant

  1. Hafreze the first and famous
  2. Madnilk
  3. Vangardx
  4. Mixter
  5. Psycho-reader along

Congratulations to soccer team for winning the pestabola merdeka.

A week before the exhibition. SPARTA!! Cuak pun ada sebenarnya.

Mugen no kensen.. blade art. Senko Jin!!


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Aug 2007


Just now, after taking my lunch at home, TV1 news section shows a 30 clips of how a thief ( in india i think ) got beaten when he get caught. People around him punching, kicking, slapping, tempeleng, penampar, whip, straight to his face, cheek, chest, stomach, back of his body, legs, and hands. and after that, that thief was tied to a motorcycle.. like a cowboy, the thief has become michael J fox in Back to the future 3, where michael j fox was dragged along the road. and that thief, on a tarmac road.


i think that kind of lesson should teach the people around there very well, consequences of stealing from people. that kind of punishment surely will make people hate/afraid to steal. i personally fear if that happens to me. beaten to death by many people. take it another way.


What do you think, if Hukum Hudud, Islamic Law, was established ? Think people think.

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Aug 2007

Masapun Berlalu Disitu

Rumpun ’07 is quite a big vibe and hit among malay bloggers this week. no wonder, i think it’s among the malay gathering and furthermore can also see representative of different tribes and groups like persetankan, blogmas, scukz and MMU ( bengong yus ngaku MMU haha )

today, got a message from rinakeiko. she need help to buy a news paper for her as her place didnt sell nst newspaper. but not just an ordinary news paper.. it’s the Straits Times independence edition. i i go to one mamak bookshop and grab 2 copies of it.

and below.. are the shots taken by my phoebe’s chotto shot. i wonder how our elders live at that era.


The front page

picture bombardment.. click moree

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Aug 2007

Dinner Alumni Samten

After RUMPUN 07, Malay bloggers Gathering, i’m rushing to the next event that is dinner of alumni samten. eventhough i study there until Form 4, i still love this school.

Az-Zamakhsyari Hall has turned into dining hall.. hohoho

more pictures.. click more

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Aug 2007