Redesigned PSP Announced

A new redesigned PSP version was announced at E3 2007.( conference for video gamers ). Their spokesperson, Kaz Hirai said that this psp will be 19 Slimmer and 33% much lighter. less heavier to put into the pocket. There’s also an expanded battery life and extented video output capabilities… where we able to deliver high quality video to any display like plasma tv, widescreen lcd, monitors and much more.

Ok more of picture bombardment… click moreee

below are the picture of the new psp, with several enhancements and modifications.

headphone + video connectivity socket. notice it isnt below the corner already.

the back. with the new paint job

the front view. see the speaker hole being re-located at the top. ( i think it’s ugly )

the re-located power plug-point. notice that the plug point is not like the old one before. this means all the previous equipment, like the stand charger/charging dock which use the touch-connectivity with the psp is useless to this new psp.

this is the old model. see the power input, the yellow one at no 2.

lastly the redesigned UMD latch. now the’res no more latch.. instead just ‘kopek’ it and the umd door will open like the video just now. notice also the WIFI switch is on top and there’s no IR onnectivity

this newly redesigned psp will hit the stores on september. their price is USD 199 = PSP + Daxter + 1GB memory stick pro duo + UMD Movie “The Family Guy”

USD 199 = RM 680 ++. be aware that when it reach malaysia, of course the price include tax and shipping which will cost.. maybe.. RM 800

and if you like to have a psp.. this is the right time. there’ll be lots of psp fanboys will sell their old psp perhaps. and the second hand unit can be as cheap as 400-500.

if you’re asking this psp is no match with your handphone, then this news maybe will suprise you a little bit.

the recent update of psp, firmware 3.30 or 3.03 have the Voice Over IP ( same thing like skype ) coding. this means in future, sony implement to do this. but i dont know im not a sony worker. i think maybe some psp users in UK can confirm about this news, are you really enjoying the VOIP services for the PSP

Okay that’s all for the geek stuff.

last night having a demonstration of The raise project at Usrah institution annual general meeting. giving speech in english was… hahah. can’t explain. i hope the foreigner members can understand my presentation. furthermore i didnt prepare the flash for pc. haih my bad. memorable quotes..

  1. my life lah
  2. im touched ( haha mmg takleh blah )
  3. i mistakenly show the statistic telling it was created last two weeks … but the date of creation is yesterday because file system properties in window will record the cate of the time yo copying the file.. hahaha

i hope i can do better next time.
song at the moment = Book End Bossa : Round Table feat Nino [ Let Me Be With You Special release ]

Pa pa pa pa pa pa ( if you want the song above, make sure you’re internet connection is stable enough to transfer a 25MB FLAC audio. but it really nice and cute songs. much more like a PangYa online golf game soundtracks. recommended for anime + jazz lover. review here )

Jul 2007
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16 Responses to : Redesigned PSP Announced

  1. aaeem says:

    hope the screen not as reflective as before too…

  2. ikhwan nazri says:

    paste an anti glare screen protector might works.

    but looking at the paint job at the back of the psp.. now there’ll be a super-shiny-glare psp 😛

  3. frooshantay says:

    i don’t watch tv much…so that tv function doesn’t impress me..the wider screen looks cool but what i really would love is if they work on the audio quality..listening to mp3s on the psp sucks la, but surprisingly audio for games is ok

  4. ikhwan nazri says:

    i dont watch tv oso very much.. but later means it’s easier to demonstrate using this function so it really impress me.

    audio quality diorang tak bes ker bila cucuk earphone? ade unique, bzz, jazz ape smer tuh.. ker ko nak equalizer control ?

  5. Raf says:

    huh…, I’ll never get one of those…, cool though..,

  6. ikhwan nazri says:

    raf – why you’ll never get one of this?

  7. crimsonskye says:

    Ni yg buat rasa tak sabar nak ada PSP sendiri ni… haha.

  8. ikhwan nazri says:

    haa beli beli.. takpun mintak je as hantaran hahah

  9. crimsonskye says:

    Hahaa… aku agak dah ko mesti suggest suruh psp tu jadi barang hantaran.

  10. ikhwan nazri says:

    aih biasa… sape tanak mende free hahahahah

  11. sue says:

    ade ke mintak psp.. cuba mintak quran ke.. kitab2 ke.. riyadhussalihin ke.. set manhaj haraki ke.. set fil zilal ke.. tak pun set fiqh dakwah ke.. tak pun fiqh sunnah ke.. atau kesemua di atas.. tak pun mintak tiket pegi haji utk dua orang..

  12. ikhwan nazri says:

    mintaklah Al-Quran for PSP.. tehehehe pastuh dulang lain letak la kitab kitab yg ko nak tuh.. killing many birds with one stone.

  13. sue says:

    aku tak penah dgr lagi org ckp, “aku nak beli PSP la pasal nak baca quran!”

    so ada baik jika bagi kitab2 je.. kalo bg PSP, khuatir nya baca quran cuma sebulan sekali, yg lain2 sibuk main game atau benda2 lain yg kurg faedah..

  14. ikhwan nazri says:

    aku leh cakap utk statement tuh no comment.. sebab ade gak orang buat blog yg al-qyuran for psp nih agak useful utk yg ade psp.. tapi sbb dia takde so dia pakai mushaf jer.

    al-quran for psp ini hanyalah sebagai memenuhi kehendak pengguna psp yang inginkan Al-Quran dlm gadget tersebut. tapi.. aku sama sekali tak setuju kalau ko cakap main game atau benda2 lain yg berkaitan kurang dengan psp adelah kurang faedah.

    in fact, it’s far from that.tapi kalau nak tahu ape hujah aku… better YM.. sbb P N C matters :)

  15. sliver says:

    mane nk download game gta vice city ek?

  16. i would really like to download games all the day long but most download sites are not free-‘-

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