Another so-call mystical date today. Next year mystical date will be 080808, next year’s year is 090909, and next next next is 101010, and soooo on. i’veread berita harian today and there’s a news about this date of coincidence where JPJ officer from Perlis start working on 030303 and retired today, 070707 with 4 years, 4 months, and 4 days of service duration. Also today is the launching of Galleriizu Digital Art Gallery at Central Market Annexe sharp at 7pm

urm why 7 pm?? nak maghrib tu.. maybe nak samakan ngan date kot. tapi kalau nak sama kan ngan date.. patutnya 0707: 070707 haha buat perasmian time subuh hari sure tade orang datang.. anyway i think there will be a nearby surau/mosque/designated area prepared sure can pray no problem.

Talk about Numbers eh ?

Anyway here’s the new promotion kit for International Islamic Fair 2007. It will explain the importance of having this Fair. The spokeperson is Wardina Saffiya Fadhullah and Pn Sabariah Abdullah.

So come to international islamic fair to see the products made by people. there’s also a muslim product by non muslim. as a matter of fact, do you know prayer mat, it was made in China. So this kind of trade exhibition will take place there, PWTC where you can see a lot of products made by muslim and non-muslim in islamic country will exhibit there.

I didn’t visit the fair in the previous year but i will not missed their fair this year. last year maybe because i don’t know or that time, have no idea.

Irfan Fadhullah, if you reading my blog, please shout ya.( Friend at maresmart )

Darker Than Black 12 out and released. So now i know Hei got at least little emotions that leads to his split personality. Episode 13  & 14 raw also released at tokyotosho.com but i’ll wait till there’s a subtitled edition.

Song at the moment = Sum 41 : Some Say [ Chuck]

Some maybe say why do i put the song at the moment. Some maybe find it as a trend. But i treat this as a reflection of what’s in my mind. What is really in my mind?? read the lyrics ya.. all the entries and including previous entries hahaha

Jul 2007

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